Best Backpacking Water Filter for the Money 2018

Purchasing a drinking water filter for your next backpacking trip is one of the smart decisions you can make. When you are traveling into the wilderness there are several things that could make it difficult or impossible to start a fire to boil your water. For this reason, it’s imperative that you have a good water filter that you can rely on during your backpacking trip.

If you are traveling for the first time the decision can be extremely overwhelming as there are numerous water purification options on the market. Even for the experienced backpacker who wants to ensure they have only the best gear, the decision can be difficult. There are certain qualities that we look for in determining what water filter is the best for the money. The qualities we look for are weight, wait time, filtration of protozoa and viruses, and a number of uses.

When sorting through all the different filtration systems we found one to stand out above the rest: the Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle is by far the best backpacking water purification filter for the money. It’s basically a fully capable water bottle that not only filters for protozoan cysts like Giardia, but it also removes deadly bacteria like E. coli from water, plus harmful viruses like Hepatitis A, SARS, and Rotavirus. This type of protection is unmatched in such an easy to use filtration system and unlike most water filter you won’t have to stand bent over next to the stream pumping water or fear the possibility of running out of drops for your water treatment.

A Favorite of International Backpackers

Because of its ability to filter out almost all deadly bacteria and protozoa, it is a favorite of international backpackers and travelers who have used it reliably in countries like Thailand where water can be extremely deadly due to high levels of viruses and bacteria.

With this water, filters tried and true purification system it is easy to use it just about anywhere and you don’t need to worry about adding drops to the water once you’ve filtered it. One press is all it takes to clean water anywhere in the world.

Rapid Water Filtration

It’s simply amazing that this water bottle water filter can completely remove any threats from fresh water and provide safe drinking water in a little as 15 seconds. It’s almost hard to believe, but it’s true—what an incredible purchase for the money! Similar systems can cost twice as much, are much heavier, and require pumping for long periods of time. Not this little baby, though. Just one pump and your water are pressed through and filtered quickly and very effectively. It’s a real winner for those who want to drink clean water straight from the streams as they pass by on their hikes. Simply fill up, pump, and drink. It’s a no-brainer almost bargain buy for the incredible value it provides for the hiker whose tired and thirsty and doesn’t want to stop and boil water along their route.

Save Money and Time with this Water Filter

Save Money and Time with this Water Filter

With every ounce you bring being important, this filter allows you to save time and money throughout your backpacking travels because you will spend less of your stove fuel on boiling water. You won’t have to waste time pumping or waiting for hours for filtered water. You’ll be able to spend less money on water purifying drops because this filter takes care of every threat found in the water. Imagine how much easier it will be when you can simply fill up your water bottle and have impressively clean water in only 15 seconds. In addition, you’ll be able to spend less time heating your water during meal times and be able to focus on your meal prep instead of water filtration. This water bottle is a mini-miracle worker.

Filter Particulates 

In addition to clearing your water of bacteria and viruses, this bottle also filters out any particulates in the water. This means your water will be free of silts, sediments, and sand, chemicals like chlorine and any heavy metals such as lead or arsenic. This is another reason why this water bottle just blows any other method out of the water. Drops clean your water, but to get rid of any sands or dirt you’d have to strain the water afterward, which just makes a usually long process even longer. This water bottle does all the hard work for you and provides clean chemical-free water that keeps you safe from anything unknown in the water. If you are backpacking near mines this is one water bottle you will definitely want to have with you. In areas where mines are located chemicals could be leaking into the water, but with this water bottle, you won’t have to worry about anything headed your way. Whether there’s a dead animal, mine, or bug colony upstream you get all of it out with just one press.

Odorless with No Aftertaste

Another reason why this water bottle is simply the best for travelers is that it delivers you fully purified water without any foul odor or aftertaste. This is amazing for those who want to experience fresh mountain stream water without the risk to their health. Once you’ve added iodine and water filtration drops, the fresh mountain water doesn’t usually taste or smell the same, but with this water bottle, you get all the good stuff without any of the negatives.

For water filtration systems there is absolutely nothing that beats the value of the money that you get with this outstanding water filter. Hikers have used this all over the world and in all different types of situation and have consistently been able to get the cleanest water at an ultra-rapid speed. You will save yourself tons of time and money with this amazing water bottle that does its job better than almost anything else on available on the market.


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