Explorers Program

What is the Island Air Explorers Program?

The Island Air Explorers program accepts applications from Oahu high school and college students between the ages of 14 and 20 who are interested in aviation careers.

Admission to the program is determined by participation in our annual orientation, a review of written applications, and a short interview process. A maximum of 25 students are accepted to participate in the program each year.

Island Air welcomes all interested applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, or creed. We are bound by the program requirements of the Boy Scouts of America and their insurance carriers to only accept individuals between the ages of 14 and 20.

How much does it cost?

We are committed to ensuring that participation in the Explorers Program will not place a financial hardship on students or their families. The cost per student is $50.00, which covers the cost of the Boy Scouts of America registration, insurance coverage, security clearance processing, program materials, and Explorers uniform shirts. Other associated costs, such as transportation to and from sessions, are the responsibility of the student.

What will students learn?

This unique, “hands-on” program highlights many of the interesting aspects of a career in aviation. Topics include:

  • What makes an airplane fly
  • How to use a computer reservations system
  • The safety features of the ATR-72 aircraft
  • How flight and weather data is received and used by flight crews
  • What pilots look for during a “walk-around” aircraft inspection
  • What happens to the aircraft at night in the hangar
  • How flight attendants prepare for a flight

The program also provides an opportunity to learn about various airline-related occupations including the job demands of Pilots, Flight Attendants, Customer Service personnel (including Reservations/Ticketing and Airport Operations), Ramp Operations personnel (including fueling and commissary), Mechanics and aircraft maintenance staff, and Dispatch and Crew Scheduling workers. Additionally, program participants learn about career skills, customer relationship management, and corporate responsibility.

Participants will also enjoy facility tours, which may include the Transportation Security Administration and Airport Operations Areas, the ATC tower, and the Airport Rescue Fire Fighter station.

Is there homework? How about exams?

There will be in-class assignments designed to provide hands-on experience. No homework is assigned. The only test is a combination written and oral final exam. It is a multiple choice, open notes examination. Students must pass this final exam with a score of 90% or better to receive a “Certificate of Achievement” at the graduation ceremony.

What is the application process?

Students interested in applying for membership must submit a completed application IN PERSON at orientation night in January where an on-site screening will also occur.

Be sure to answer every question on the application. If something does not apply to you, please mark ‘N/A’ or ‘Not Applicable’ in the appropriate space. Every box must be filled in appropriately on the application for it to be considered complete! If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must also sign the application.

Additionally, all candidates must obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, employer, coach, or employee of Island Air. Applications submitted without this letter will be considered incomplete.

What is the interview process?

The Island Air selection committee will meet with applicants for a group interview of up to 30 minutes. The interviewers will ask about interests and career plans. We recommend that applicants treat this interview as they would a real job interview (so be on time and dress appropriately). Please note that participation in the Explorers program does not qualify students for, or guarantee a job with Island Air.

Following the interview, a maximum of 20 applicants will be offered membership in the program. Students selected to attend the program will receive an email notification that includes details about the first Explorers session.