Island Weddings FAQs

Can I refund or change tickets purchased through this program?

Normal booking and ticketing policies apply to all restricted and unrestricted fares.

Do I have to do anything to terminate the program after my promotional dates?

Your Island Weddings promotinal code automatically expires 2 weeks after your event date. You do not need to contact us or cancel anything to complete the program. 

Can I bring my wedding dress on the plane?

Members of the bridal party can bring their wardrobes as carry-on baggage pursuant to baggage guidelines. It is suggested that a bridal shop be consulted for the best way to transport garments to limit wrinkling or damage inflight. 

Who is eligible for travel with Island Weddings?

Wedding parties, event guests, vendors, and other direct participants in the event are eligible to fly under the Island Weddings program. Multi-city reservations and one-way flights are not eligible for discount.

What if I need to change my event date or location?

Your travel period can be adjusted to meet your needs. Contact us at group desk immediately and inform us of your change in plans.

What if some flights were booked prior to joining the program?

Promotional codes cannot be applied retroactively. You are still encouraged to register as the 10% discount can be applied to those who haven't yet confirmed their travel plans.

How does the discount work?

Upon registration for Island Weddings you will be provided with a guest discount code for your event with the number of uses you estimate when completing the enrollment form. This code is provided pending approval of event verification and processing by the Island Air group desk. This code can then be shared with family and friends, providing them 10% off their flights. The code is inputted in to the "Promotion Code" field during the normal booking process after flights are selected.

Are there any costs associated with the program?

There are no up-front costs, although all standard baggage and booking and ticketing fees apply. 

What are acceptable forms of event verification?

Please provide a venue deposit receipt, catering deposit receipt, or other event contract as a scanned PDF to be uploaded during the registration process. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Island Air group desk.

How do I get started?

Simply register with our easy to use sign up form! A few minutes and a few facts about your big day will have you and your guests on their way at a great discount. Make sure you have a form of event verification available to upload.