The Top Travel Backpacks for Men of 2018

Backpacks are an easy option for travel, whether it’s for business or fun. They eliminate the need to check a bag, even when there’s an announcement that a flight is fully booked and bags must be checked at the gate. They keep everything within arm’s reach during the flight and they are easy to carry through the airport while both hands are kept free. It’s for these reasons and many others that men are choosing travel backpacks more and more these days when taking a trip.

The trick to making the most of a travel backpack for men is to choose the one that is perfectly suited for you. There are plenty of options, so you’ll need to take a little time to research what’s available and figure out what you need and want in a travel backpack. There’s truly a backpack for every man.

A travel backpack with plenty of pockets and decently padded shoulder straps and a large internal compartment is an investment, just as a good set of luggage would be. You’ll use it again and again in a variety of different situation. And you’ll want it to be made from quality materials. This means you might need to spend a little more than you’d normally anticipate spending on a backpack, but most travel backpacks for men offer a lot more than your usual travel bag, university style leather backpack, or canvas background.

It’s also important to opt for a style and construction that is comfortable. There’s a chance you’ll be carrying the backpack long distances, based on how far you sometimes need to go for a connecting flight or to reach your final travel destination. This is especially true if you are using a travel backpack as a carryon and you have other luggage. You’ll be juggling a lot of bags and the last thing you want is to worry about your backpack on your back causing you discomfort or pain.

What are important factors to consider when choosing the best travel backpack?

A travel backpack with plenty of pocketsThe best way to reduce the pain of carrying a backpack, especially a heavy one, is to opt for something that’s padded. A padded back panel and shoulder straps can make a huge difference when you’re traveling. If you choose a style with a hip belt you should also make sure that’s padded.

Another consideration you’ll need to weigh is whether you want a backpack that opens from the front, bottom, or top. Some offer multiple options. Most people tend to prefer the front-loading style, but even this isn’t right for everyone. Some of it depends on the overall size of the pack, as well as what you’ll be carrying and how often you think you’ll need to access what’s in it. This is one of the tougher choices to make when it comes to choosing a backpack for men because it’s difficult to know what will really work for you until you are traveling. This is what makes packs with multiple entry points so popular—you reduce the risk you won’t like the option you choose by having more than one way to get into your pack.

Finally, consider the size of your travel backpack. Most people think bigger is better, but there are two downsides to this philosophy. One, if you intend to use your pack as a carry on you’ll need to make sure it fits airline standards in terms of carrying on size. And even if your pack is small enough to meet the guidelines, you’ll want it small enough to slip under the seat in front of you so you’re never asked to check the bag to spare overhead compartment space.

Another bad thing about getting a larger backpack is that if you load it up with stuff you’ll need to carry the weight with you wherever you go. Nobody wants to schlep through airports with 50 or 60 pounds of stuff. You’re better off choosing the size you think you’ll need, as opposed to just assuming a bigger pack is going to be the best option.

Our Choices for Best Travel Backpacks for Men

So, now that you know what you should consider when it comes to shopping for a travel backpack for men, what are some of the best options we’ve found on the market?

Cabin Max Metz Backpack

Cabin Max Metz BackpackOur first choice for the top travel backpacks for men is the Cabin Max Metz. It offers the maximum space allowed for a carry-on. Despite its generous size, it’s still lightweight and weighs only 1.6 pounds when it’s empty. This bag features three zipper compartments on the outside and two on the inside. There are adjustable padded straps and a carrying handle. This bag comes at a great price and is available in 30 different colors.

Osprey Ozone

Osprey OzoneWe chose the 22” option because it offers plenty of space without being too big. It’s lightweight at six pounds and offers room for clothing and a laptop. It’s one of the most comfortable packs available with padded straps and has an adjustable harness for custom-fitting. The Osprey comes with a removable pack for smaller items, and inside is a zipper pocket to protect toiletries and liquids from damaging your clothing or electronics.

We love this backpack because it offers a rolling option. This means if your pack does start to feel heavy, you can extend the handle and roll it on its wheels just as you would a hard-sized rolling suitcase.

High Sierra AT7

High Sierra AT7This 22” backpack is another that offers the rolling option. It’s similar to the Osprey but doesn’t cost as much. Despite being cheaper, it’s still a durable pack. It weighs a little more than its counterpart but still comes in at under eight pounds.

We love it because it’s the perfect carry-on size, but it’s large enough that you can pack for a long weekend.

Osprey Porter

Osprey PorterOur final option for the best backpack is another Osprey model. It’s a large pack that’s durable and can double as a backpacking pack or a bag to carry with you if you’ll be doing a lot of walking on your trip. It features “straightjacket” style straps which give it the greatest amount of stability possible, which means it beats up your body as little as possible when you’re carrying it.

We love this pack because it’s large, lightweight, and has plenty of compartments for organized travel.


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