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United Airlines

Mileage Plus members can earn and redeem Mileage Plus miles on Island Air flights. For more information on using Mileage Plus miles on Island Air, please contact the Mileage Plus Service Center.

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American Airlines

American Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

China Airlines

China Airlines


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Hawaiian Airlines

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Japan Air Lines


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Philippine Airlines

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Travel Agent Program

Discounted Travel and Policies

Please contact our sales team directly to learn about our Travel Agent Program.  All inquiries should be directed to  

Airline Agency Debit Memo Policy in BSP and ARC

Upon careful review, Island Air will issue an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) for any booking or ticketing violations as described below.  Island Air also reserves the right to assess a Service Fee and any associated late fees for any ADM issued in BSP or ARC.  Changes and revisions to the policy may be made at any time without prior notification.

•Fare rule violations to include but not limited to – under collections of fares, incorrect fares, booking class failure, invalid fare basis codes, and mis-ticketed fares.

•Duplicate reservations and duplicate ticketing

•Commission errors

•Tax errors

•Credit card charge backs

•Interline tickets issued without an existing interline agreement

•Unreported and underreported sales

•Usage of expired tickets

•Refund errors 

•Ticketing deadline violation 

•Administrative or cancellations fees not deducted on refunds

•Usage of fake names or fraudulent tickets

•Excessive churning

•Unauthorized waiver of change/cancel penalty fees

Island Air will allow a maximum of 15 days to review and dispute an ADM prior to billing the agent.  In submitting a dispute, the agent shall provide a specific explanation along with supporting documentation.

All correspondence may be submitted to  Please direct phone inquiries to 1-800-652-6541.