5 Best Travel Shoe Bags: How I Keep my Clothes and Luggage Clean

Shoe bags are the perfect travel companion for your shoes. Everyone should use shoe bags. Believe me; I never thought I would be the kind of person who bought travel shoe bags.

Seems like an obvious one but shoes are dirty especially when you’re traveling. Just imagine the bottom of your shoes when you had walked miles in the city and stepped on who knows what. Unless you clean your shoes every time, putting them in your luggage will get dirt on your belongings. Perhaps, I am just a germaphobe. But, seriously I like to keep the inside of my luggage clean. Besides, shoe bags are great to keep your shoes in place in your luggage and your clothes clean. It is also a great way to protect shoes that are delicate such as dress shoes.

Not only are your shoes or high heels protected from scruffs, but your luggage will be more organized and look much nicer than using the infamous recycled plastic grocery bag. If you have a very detailed system for packing clothing, using plastic grocery bags will make it look tacky. Back in my novice traveling days, it got the job done in quarantining my dirty shoes. I have used this method for years but just got tired of it. I have searched and found several different types of travel shoe bags.

Upgrade your luggage gear and keep the filth out.

Here are the 5 best shoe bags for travel:


Best Washable Travel Shoe Bag:

SHOOin EZ-Pack Expandable Travel Shoe Bag with Locking Drawstring, $23.99-$28.99 (4-pack)

best shoe bag for travel

SHOOin shoe bags are a must-have for travelers who like only to use carry on luggage. They are a bit pricier than others, but the quality surpasses its competition. The fabric is thin and stretches to fit around the shoes, so it takes up no extra space. The flexible and durable material can fit size 14 in men and up to 3 inch high heels. Also, the shoe storage bag is machine washable, which is my favorite feature because I like to wash them after every trip. Many other shoe bags fall apart.

And unlike some of the others designed to hold a pair in one bag, you can put just one shoe per bag which makes packing more efficient. Sometimes having a pair together makes it hard to pack when you are tight on space in your carry on bag, especially heels. This is the perfect shoe bag for women.

Pros: Well constructed, High-quality fabric to keep dust out, Easy to pack, Strong Locking Drawstring, Variety of Colors

Cons: Not Waterproof, Bag size limits. (Men shoes to one shoe per bag/Women wedges or heels higher than 3 inches to one per bag)

Best Single Shoe Bag for Men and Women:

Earthwise Cotton Shoe Storage Bag, $12.99-$14.99 (4-pack)

travel shoe bag

Earthwise Shoe bags are made with 100% natural cotton in the United States. They are large enough to store shoes up to size 14. It is the perfect solution for storing and protecting your shoes while traveling. They will keep your shoes in a perfect condition. Earthwise Shoe bags are washable and reusable, which is excellent. The soft and pliable material is very gentle on dress shoes. This is a great shoe bag for men. The Natural cotton will allow your shoes to breath, therefore preventing odor and mold.

They offer two sizes in two different colors: 17″ X 8″ (set of 4) and 17″ X 12″ (set of 2) in natural or black. The smaller, one shoe per bag is the preferred size amongst travelers. If you like storing shoes in pairs, then go for the bigger size. However, they are not waterproof so keep in mind when trying to store wet or damp items in these multi-use travel bags.

Pros: Natural Cotton Material, Locking Drawstring, Multi-Use (great to use as a small travel laundry bag), Easy to pack, Come in different sizes, Washable, Single Shoe Bag

Cons: Not waterproof

Best Priced Hanging Travel Shoe Bag:

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags (Amazon Best Seller), $11.88 (Set of 4)

best shoe bags for men
Yamiu shoe bags are a best seller for many reasons making it a great addition to your functional travel gear. The price is right, comes with 2 standard sizes +2 X-Large sizes for men and women shoe/boots, water-resistant, and has a lifetime warranty. They come with a sturdy zipper instead of a drawstring like most. The nylon fabric bags are very easy to clean & quick dry. They have a fabric loop that fits over a door handle, so you can load and unload your shoes without having to bend over.

Pros: Perfect for a family with 2 different size pairs, Water-resistant, Strong Zippers, Perfect for large shoe sizes

Cons: Spot clean, Too large for some, Inconsistent quality of stitching

Best Shoe Bag for Storage:

LOVK Shoe Bags for Travel ($14.99, Set of 4)

best shoe bag

This portable travel shoe bag is certainly different because of the transparent window design. A traveler will be able quickly to identify which pair of shoes is in it. There is no need to open all drawstring or zipper and check, save your time. They are a perfect size, large enough for shoes up to size 14. Also has a quick-grab loop handle for easy transport.

Pros: Versatile, High-quality Nylon Fabric, Clear transparent window design, Double layer waterproof and moistureproof, Perfect for large shoe sizes

Cons: Thin Plastic material used for the viewing window

Best Waterproof Shoe Bag:

PACK ALL Waterproof Shoe Bag ($9.90, 1 set)

Waterproof shoe bag

Waterproof shoe bags are great for travelers who seek adventure. The composite mesh fabric (90% polyester) makes it practical and more importantly durable for those who get their shoes wet or dirty. They have 4 colors you can choose from. You can see your shoes from the outside, so you don’t need to open the zipper. Each shoe pouch is 8.6″ x 17.3″ inches. This simple and portable design makes it easy to travel and fit in any carry-on luggage.

Pros: Waterproof function, Visibility, Variety of colors, Strong zipper, Well constructed

Cons: More expensive than others


I am apparently the kind of person who gets excited about travel shoe-bags. I tell all my friends and family and random strangers how great they are. Certainly beats the tattered plastic bag shoe-wrap situation I’ve always done. For that reason, travel shoes bags are a must for any traveler who wants to keep bacteria out and keep their luggage clean.


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