Best Travel System Stroller for Family Trips

When you are planning for a new baby, you can easily forget to search for important things that you will need down the road. One thing to keep in mind is that you will likely be going on at least a few family trips. Some of the trips will likely be longer vacations to the beach or a family friendly resort or they could be shorter trips to visit relatives and family friends. When preparing for the future with your new baby, it is important to find the most functional items that will make your life easier instead of more difficult. This is especially true for family trips, as these are usually some of the most stressful albeit worth-it experiences you’ll have with the new addition to your family.

Purchasing a high-quality infant car seat and travel system stroller for family trips is one of the best decisions you can make as a new parent. It will help save you time, energy, and provide everything you need in one single system. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to a stroller system, but mainly you want to consider how safe the system is, what type of materials it is made from, and how much time and effort it takes to use your system when traveling.

If you’re planning a family trip, you will likely be traveling in different terrain, such as the city, the occasional theme park and up and down stairs. Therefore, it’s important that you have a travel system that will help you through all the different types of situations that you might encounter while on your trip. Making sure that you find a nice lightweight travel stroller is a big deal especially for moms who are nursing and may be experiencing back pain. Another aspect that is important to consider on a family trip how much space you will have to fit your stroller. While you might have plenty of room in your own car, you may end up traveling by taxi, in a friend’s car, or have extra shopping bags to add to your trunk. Therefore, finding a travel system that can be folded up to a small size is a crucial detail that some new parents might forget.

When considering the needs of most families planning a family trip, we’ve picked the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System as the best travel stroller for family trips.


  • The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is the ultimate travel system for family trips. It’s loaded with awesome features that your family will love such as its compact size when folded. It’s a top pick for parents who will be doing traveling around the city and shopping because the stroller is rather shorter than most and thus provides a tighter turning radius. This means that you won’t be limited when you are out shopping or take up a ridiculous amount of space in smaller shops. You will be able to enjoy your experience sightseeing and shopping with your family without worrying about constantly hitting displays or taking up too much room on the sidewalk. You’ll be able to walk alongside family members comfortably on pathways, which helps you hold hands with older children and feel more involved in group activities. The stroller is applauded for it rideability and easy pushing. It’s a non-bulky smooth ride that helps baby stay sleeping comfortably while being pushed around town. This stroller is equipped with a room basket which is great for carrying extra supplies and a go baby bag. Also, you can use the full sun shade, which is perfect for traveling with baby in the city or on tours. For overly exhausted children, this system provides smooth transitions, which is extremely helpful in family travel situations where you don’t want to spend long drives with a crying baby. The system has a very comfortable and safe car seat and is a breeze to get in and out of the car. The car seat has KeyFit 30 which means it’s almost instant insertion into the car fit base is safe and secure at all times. It also includes a parent tray with cupholders which is perfect for family trips.


  • There really are not too many negative things about this fast folding, secure travel system. Some people have a bit of difficulty using the sun shade, which mainly just takes a bit of practice. For travel when it’s raining, you might be better to find a fully waterproof place shade. But for general protection from the sun, the shade is just fine. This stroller isn’t designed for travel on gravel or dirt roads; it’s mainly for city travel. If you plan to do a lot of walking on gravel or dirt roads, you would be better looking for a system with a jogging stroller, but for a family who does quite a bit of inside shopping, this stroller is truly incredible. If your looking for a travel system that will provide a space for older children to sit you’d be better off choosing the Graco Room for 2 Stand and Ride System.  The Graco Room for 2 system provides a place for bigger kids to stand in the back which might be better for larger families whose kids get tired quickly, and those that will be traveling to theme parks.

Height, Weight, and Dimensions 

Although this stroller will allow you to easily pass in doorways as small as 22” it is not the lightest stroller, it weighs 23 pounds. The stroller is 43 inches high and 33.5 inches in length and 21.75 inches wide.

We love how easy this travel system is to use and how quickly you can move between the car and stroller. Moms love how easy this stroller is to use in stores and they don’t feel like they are taking up too much room when they travel. It’s the best travel system stroller for family trips by far because of its dependability, safety, and convenience.


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