Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag for All Seasons

Cuddled inside a warm sleeping bag is like being inside a cocoon, you’re surrounded by soft plush fabric that cradles your body, keeping you comfortable through even the coldest nights on the trail. One of the most important parts of backpacking is sleeping soundly through the night. While you might enjoy seeing the beautiful night sky you don’t want to lay awake all night staring at it and picking the right sleeping back is important to ensure that you are able to get in some shut eye while you are on the trial.

For the backpacking enthusiast, you’ll want to find a sleeping bag that can go everywhere you go, whether it’s to a warm beach or canyon or a frigid cold forest. If you plan to go on a long backpacking journey finding a sleeping bag that can adjust to any weather is extremely important. However, there are so many types available on the market. Sleeping bags that are based on temperature rating, the stuff sack, the mummy bag, the double sleeping bag, sleeping bags with natural or synthetic insulation, the sleeping pad, 100% synthetic sleeping bags… the list is almost endless and can be a minefield when it comes to choosing the right one for our needs. That’s why we’ve picked the Kammok Thaclycine, which was rated The Best Sleeping 2017 by Outside Magazine, as the best backpacking sleeping bag for all seasons. It’s been tried and tested and has won admiration from plenty of hardcore pros who love this sleeping bag for the versatility and capabilities. It’s actually a three-in-one system sleeping bag that provides a patent-pending Variable Warmth Technology™ and can be adjusted depending on your temperature preference for sleeping. 

Why You’ll Love This Sleeping Bag

  • Rain or Shine Performance – No matter if you are planning a trip to the warmest and driest of climates or during a rainy season, this sleeping bag will protect you from the elements. It’s got a durable water repellent coating which means it’s water-resistant as the DWR coating prevents water from penetrating the sleeping bag’s exterior as well as the interior layers of the sleeping bag which helps to ensure that you won’t suffer a bit from cold rainfall.
  • Take Away Liners to Cool Off or Warm Up – When looking for a perfect sleeping bag for four seasons, the ability this sleeping bag provides for you to take away liners to adjust to your needs is innovative and smart for travelers who know that sleeping comfortably at night add to the entire backpacking experience. This sleeping bag is simply the best for those who are looking for a bag that can travel with them all year long. Once the temperatures start to drop you can add more layers, just like you would at home.
  • Fit to Your Body – This sleeping bag offers some neat ways to adjust the bag to your specific preferences. You can use the compression straps to get the bag fitted correctly around different parts of your body, depending on where you want to have more or less wiggle room. You can adjust the foot box to help you heat up faster when you need it or to provide you an airy space for a cooler more comfortable experience. The compression straps are found on the top of the bag, so you’ll be able to lay down and adjust them as needed. One of the interesting aspects of this sleeping system is that it comes with a separate down layer which you can add as needed for adding extra warmth for temperatures down to zero degrees so you’ll always be able to use the bag like you need it.

Accommodation for Bigger Hikers

Accommodation for Bigger Hikers

If you’re a larger person, this bag is nicely sized to accommodate even larger hikers. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fit inside a sleeping bag that doesn’t provide any extra room and hugs tightly across the chest area. This bag is designed to be comfortable for even larger hikers and can comfortably fit hikers of 6 foot 2–4 inches. It’s equipped with ten more inches of room in the shoulder and chest area than most bags on the market, with 70 inches for your chest and shoulders you’ll be thrilled if you're packing a bit more extra weight than most hikers. If you’re a smaller hiker, you might not like this extra space, and it won’t hug you quite as tight as your used to in typical sleeping bags. The entire length of the sleeping bag including the pillow pocket is 78", 198 cm / 84", 213 cm, which means there is plenty of room for taller travelers.

Added Space for Your Pillow

Another reason this sleeping bag is truly great for all season camping is that it has a pillow pocket. We love this because it ensures that you won’t lose your pillow and gives you extra space to store your jacket or sweatshirt, glasses, and cell phone and even a wrapped-up flashlight if needed.

Sleep without Air Pockets

One reason this bag is truly great for all seasons is that it allows you to pull it tightly around your body when needed. You can use the compression straps and liner to get an extremely snug fit that doesn’t leave you with any air pockets. This ensures that you will be the warmest possible. You can adjust the fit of the chest, knees, and feet to keep the bag close at all times throughout the night. There are eight places where you attach the liner via Velcro to ensure that your liner is well adjusted and secure throughout the night. With the Velcro secure points, you won’t experience any shifting or nightgown constriction when using the down liner for added warmth.

This bag is definitely the best option for backpackers who are looking into a sleeping bag that can provide the absolute best sleeping experience in all seasons. It’s a spacious bag, that gets super cozy and the innovative use of multiple layers helps to ensure that you’ve got exactly what you need at night to sleep at the perfect temperature. This tried and true sleeping bag weighs only 35 oz or 2 lbs, which means that you won’t be compromising on weight when you add this bag to your pack and for the capability to sleep in any weather it is well worth its price and weight.


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