Best Backpacking Sleeping Pad for Comfort and Lightweight Camping

Choosing the perfect backpacking sleeping pads, foam pads, or self-inflating pads is essential to the success of your camping trip. For the seasoned backpacker, there is nothing better than relaxing at night and starring up at the star-filled sky. Days of backpacking leave your muscles aching and your body exhausted, so picking the most comfortable sleeping pad is especially important. You also don’t want to add much weight to your pack as each pound counts, so finding a comfortable and lightweight sleeping pad is no easy task.

Fortunately, we’ve taken some of the hard work out of the decision-making process for you and found the best backpacking sleeping pad for comfort and lightweight camping. Weighing in at only 1.95 pounds and providing an incredible night’s sleep, the Big Agnes Insulated AXL Air Inflatable Sleeping Pad is simply the best sleeping pad available. It outshines the competition providing a quiet and stable design, which will ensure that you can enjoy your backpacking journey.

Features We Love:

  • Nylon Rip-Stop Shell – The nylon shell in the Big Agnes Insulated AXL Sleeping Pad is highly superior to nylon used in older, less expensive sleeping pads. Sleeping pads take a lot of misuse when used regularly, and low-quality materials lead to damage to the pads which can make them uncomfortable at best for long-term backpacking trips. Seasoned and experienced hikers know that it doesn’t serve you to skimp on the few items you carry with you on the trails. You’ll be using your sleeping pad every night and sometimes during the day, so to provide you a trail mattress you need to consider how much thought is put into all aspects of the design. The nylon used in the Big Agnes Insulated AXL Sleeping pad uses a unique weave to ensure that the materials won’t fall apart due to stress or friction. By using high tenacity yarn combined with a high filament count the manufacturer was able to increase the tear strength by 25%. Another benefit to using the materials they chose was that it was able to decrease the overall weight, which adds to the desirability of this sleeping pad.
  • Oversize Baffles at the Edges – One of our favorite features is that this sleeping pad is designed to decrease your shifting and reduce the chance of rolling over your pad during the night. While some travelers are pros at staying in one spot during the night, others benefit from a little assistance. Fortunately, this pad is designed with oversize baffles at the edges which helps to provide increased stabilization throughout the night. There are quite a few benefits to increased stabilization, including less stress and friction being put on your pad during the night, increased warmth and less stress on your sleeping bag. You will get a better night sleep on this pad as apposed to other sleeping pads that don’t provide any sort of stabilization support throughout the evening. Another reason this is so important is because you don’t want to end up rolling off your pad during the night. This can lead to dramatic drops in body temperature and warmth if you end up lying directly on the cold ground in the corner of your tent. Even if you have trouble staying in one spot during the night, it is important that you find a way to stay on top of your sleeping pad to ensure your safety and security. We love the fact that manufacturers have found a way to help solve this problem for you.
  • PrimaLoft Silver insulation – PrimaLoft Silver insulation is the best synthetic insulation available, it is the best down alternative because it is lightweight, breathable, and absolutely water-resistant. The PrimaLoft fibers are unique because they provide outstanding thermal efficiency, which helps to keep you warm during the night. The use of the PrimaLoft Silver Insulation inside the Big Agnes Insulated AXL Sleeping Pad is important because it helps to provide a super comfortable sleeping experience as the unique fibers are known for creating the ultimate comfort experience. When backpacking and lightweight camping, it is important that you have the most comfortable sleeping pad available because you repair your muscles when you rest at night. Getting quality shut-eye is one of the most important things you can do to help your body strengthen itself during your journey instead of being worn down. Camping can be a very rejuvenating and revitalizing experience and provide a much-needed escape from the world, which is why most pros suggest purchasing the highest quality gear available since you likely won’t be taking much with you. You want your gear to support you, not make your experience worse.
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    Heat Reflective Barrier – In addition to the comfort and quality of the materials used in this sleeping pad, you also benefit from the heat reflective barrier, which helps to ensure that you are protected from the cold and potentially wet ground during the night. This barrier will help to keep your body heat while you are sleeping soundly during the night. While it this pad is also designed to stabilize you and assist in keeping you securely on the pad, it will also help to reflect your radiating body heat back so that you remain warm. Since temperatures can drop significantly in certain places and sometimes without warning, it’s important that you are as protected as possible for whatever may occur.

Inflating the Bed

This bed can be easily inflated with the two-way valve that lets you get your bed ready quickly and it can be deflated just as fast. You can also adjust the inflation to get it to the perfect fit for your comfort level by using the micro release buttons. This is a very nice addition to the pad that helps backpackers ensure the pad works perfectly for them.

The Big Agnes Insulated AXL Air Inflated Sleeping Pad is a clear winner for the best backpacking sleeping pad for comfort and lightweight camping. The quality materials and thought put into the design make it the best pick for travelers who require a good night’s rest.


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