Best Air Mattress for Camping 2018 Review

Camping is one of the most cherished pastimes. It provides an opportunity to experience nature, see beautiful sights and spend quality time with your family, your significant other, or by yourself. While camping can be quite fun, many people have bad memories of sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses or hate the feeling of struggling to get up and down from their air mattress inside their tent to go with their sleeping bag.

The well-known trusted brand in camping gear for years, Coleman, understands exactly what the modern camper is looking for in an inflatable mattress or self-inflating air mattresses for camping in 2018. Coleman has designed the perfect air mattress or air bed and cot combination for the modern camper. The Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot comes with side tables and 4D battery pump.

Let’s take a deeper look at how truly awesome this Colman Queen Airbed and folding cot really is, and why this is the best air mattress choice for 2018.

Quality Craftsmanship

These air mattresses are queen sized, easy to inflate, and made with ComfortStrong Coil construction, which means that the bed will contour to your body. This offers better support and helps you get a much better nights rest. One of the top reasons people are raving about this airbed is that when they use this mattress they actually sleep through the night, it is due to the ComfortStrong Coil construction technology patented by Coleman, and the way the cot is designed to support the mattress and its sleepers. There is nothing quite as frustrating as looking forward to a full weekend of family fun at the campground and not being able to get a bit of sleep and ending up too exhausted to enjoy your camping trip. Fortunately, the design of this mattress helps to provide a homely feel and better back support which allows you to enjoy your camping experience.

This mattress features Coleman’s Airtight System. Coleman’s Airtight system has been factory tested to ensure that mattresses are leak free. Additionally, this bed comes with a 1-year warranty so rest assured that your bed is made with the highest attention to quality and details.

Lifted Bed Provides Multiple Benefits

Using the Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot has many benefits:

  • Provides Under-the-bed storage space for bags, suitcases and camping gear.
  • Stored items will be shaded and receive less heat and be safer out of view.
  • Enjoy more room in your tent, which is much safer for older campers. Grandpa and grandma will be less likely to trip over bags in the tent at night.
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    Lifted bed makes it easier for those with knee problems and back problems to get in and out of bed, this makes camping possible for family members who might otherwise have to miss out on an amazing camping trip.
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    Lifted metal cot provides back support and better sleep and holds up to 600 lbs of combined weight.

Airbed Requires No Electricity

Airbed Requires No Electricity

One reason why we chose this Coleman Airbed as the best air mattress for camping in 2018, is that even though the raised cot does provide a significantly improved camping experience, the mattress can still be used by campers without access to overnight electricity to pump air into their camping mattress. This airbed comes with a battery pump that takes 4D batteries. While you can use a plugged-in pump to get air into this bed, you can also enjoy using your handheld battery powered pump right inside your tent for adding air as needed to your airbed. The entire bed can be inflated in just two minutes and the entire set up is very quick and easy.

Set Up Anywhere

Even though the metal cot is slightly heavier, the entire frame and bed weigh around 40 pounds, you will enjoy a stable standing bed, as you can set up your bed almost anywhere. You don’t need to worry about searching for completely level ground, as the frame will adjust to where you place it. The sturdy metal frame is perfect for holding your airbed and sleepers all night. If you plan to frequently move your campsite, this is a great bed, because it is convenient and easy to fold up. You can use your pump to remove air from the mattress as well. The high-quality design helps you feel right at home wherever you set up camp. Once you’ve packed up your airbed you can fit it easily inside the carry bag which makes it much more convenient when you are moving from site to site and for long-term storage.

Get Two Sleeping Spaces in One

When you purchase this Coleman Airbed you are receiving two sleeping spaces in one package. You can use the air mattress separately from the cot as you please or as needed for additional sleeping space. You can use the cot to hold any items you need such as canoes, clothing, or suitcases or to provide another bed for guests.

Top Pick for Convenience and Style

For those campers who don’t like leaving the comforts of home, this is truly an outstanding camping bed. It generously accommodates travelers of heights up to 6’2 and even provides cupholders. That’s right! This bed comes complete with its own side tables, so you can easily keep your flashlight, cell phone, and water bottle right next to your bed. The metal frame allows you to easily attach fans or even a standing side sleeper bassinet if you are camping with a new baby. The standing bed and super comfortable air mattress allow campers to experience the outdoors while still enjoying some modern comforts. This bed also allows you to keep your bedding much cleaner throughout the entire camping experience and the queen-sized mattress easily fits most queen-sized bedding.

For camping in 2018, this is the best air mattress you can find. The high-quality design from Coleman with the ComfortStrong Coil Construction and Coleman’s Airtight System ensure that you will get the best night’s sleep backed by a 1-year warranty. This air mattress is sure to make for happy campers and allow you to have the very best camping experience possible.


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