Best 6 Person Tent for Festivals in 2018

Backpacking tents usually come to mind when you think of camping trips in the wilderness, but they’ve increased in popularity in recent years for something else: attending music festivals.

Many possible music festivals are held over the course of several days and allow people to stay onsite or close by overnight. Booking a hotel room for these events can be extremely expensive and, in some cases, impossible because too many other people are also in need of hotel space. This is one of the many reasons people opt to camp in tents for festivals.

Though it’s possible to just grab the cheapest camp dome tent for camping you can find online and set up a campsite near the festival of your choice—or spend the summer traveling to different ones—many festival goers find they are more comfortable in a tent they’ve invested some time and money into. It gives them a homier feel and offers a comfortable, dry environment to sleep in after a long day of attending a festival.

Finding the right tent can be a bit challenging, but is worth any time you invest into the process. This is especially true if you’re looking for a tent for a larger group. Most people attend festivals with friends and if you’re able to have four or five other people staying with you, it can make the festival experience even more fun. Once the festival is over, you can take the party back to your campsite and relax in your tent until the next day’s festivities begin.

What to Look for in a Festival Tent

If you’re in the market for a tent to use while attending a festival, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Look for a well-known brand. There are many different manufacturers and many of them are great, but your best bet is to invest in a tent made by an experienced brand. Even if the tent doesn’t measure up to your expectations, established brands tend to offer a better exchange policy.
  • It’s also important to consider the size and weight of your tent. You obviously need something larger for a group of six people, but if you’ll need to carry it with you all day or lug it a mile or more to a campsite, you don’t want something that is too heavy. Unfortunately, larger tents for bigger groups tend to be heavy, so take that into consideration when arranging your campsite.
  • Interior space is another consideration. Bigger tents don’t always mean more interior space, and they also might not mean partitions or separate rooms. If you’re staying with a bigger group of people you’ll probably want as much interior space as possible and privacy while you’re in the tent.
  • Take into consideration the season and temperatures you’ll be camping in. Most festivals are held during the warmer summer months so you’ll want to make sure you have a tent that offers plenty of ventilation. This is even more important when you consider you’ll be heading back to the tent with your group after a long day of sweating, eating, and drinking at a festival.
  • Make sure you choose a tent with multiple entryways. This might not seem like a big deal, but it improves ventilation and makes it much easier to enter and exit the tent when people are sleeping.

Choosing the Best 6 Person Tent for Festivals

Now that you have an idea what to look for in a festival tent, you can check out what options are out there. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite larger sized tents that we think would be great for an overnight during a festival.

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent provides two rooms of living space, as well as a screened room. This extended space is great for dining or as a second bedroom for those interested in a little more exposure overnight. This tent also features an LED light system that runs for 26 hours on high, 65 hours on low, and 81 hours nightlight, and makes for safe movement after dark.

The tents frame is made from strong metal fiberglass and can stand up to harsh weather conditions. The tent’s set up is fairly easy and can be done in about 30 minutes, which is pretty decent for a six-person tent. We think this is a great tent for staying at a festival.

Coleman Instant Tent 6

Also from Coleman, is the Instant Tent 6. It’s possible to set up this tent in about one minute, which is great news for festival goers who have spent the day in the hot sun and just want to set up camp and rest up for the next day. Tent breakdown is just as simple as setting up.

The tent has two storage pockets on the interior to keep things neat and organized. It’s made from durable Bodyguard 2x material featuring Climate Tec and also features venting to keep things cool during the hot weather. This material also protects against ripping and tearing.

Core 6 Person Dome Tent

This tent from Core features sleeping space for up to six people and room enough for two queen air mattresses. The center height is 72 inches and there’s plenty of floor space. It has Core’s H20 Block Technology so you never need to worry about water seepage. There’s a gear loft that also includes a lantern hook and electrical cord access.

Timber Ridge 6 Person Family Camping Ten​​​​t​​​​

This 11’x9’x6’tent offers plenty of space and can accommodate two queen air mattresses. It has a D-shaped door, a window, and an inner storage compartment. It’s made from polyester material and has a “breathable design” that makes it comfortable for most camping environments. The tent is considered water-resistant but isn’t made for heavy-duty storms. Just keep that in mind if they’re calling for thunderstorms during your chosen festival.


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