Discover the Best Honolulu Helicopter Tours for Unforgettable Aerial Adventures

Imagine soaring above the breathtaking landscapes of Oahu, where the lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls of the North Shore come into view. On a Honolulu helicopter tour, you get a bird’s-eye perspective of the island’s stunning natural beauty and iconic landmarks like Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. It’s not just a tour; it’s an unforgettable adventure.

Starting from the bustling Honolulu Airport or the serene Turtle Bay Resort, these tours offer a unique way to explore Oahu’s diverse scenery. Whether you’re captivated by the surfers riding massive waves or the historic sites along the leeward coast, every moment in the air promises awe-inspiring views. So, buckle up and prepare for a journey that combines thrill, history, and unparalleled vistas.

Magnum PI Hughes 500 4-Passenger Doors-Off Helicopters

Experiencing the Magnum PI Hughes 500 helicopter tour over Oahu offers unparalleled excitement. These doors-off helicopters provide unobstructed views, making every moment breathtaking. The helicopter accommodates four passengers, ensuring an intimate and exclusive tour.

During the flight, we saw iconic landmarks such as Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, and Diamond Head. The absence of doors made the views even more vivid, and the cool rush of air added to the thrill. The Hughes 500 is known for its agility, allowing for closer views of waterfalls, lush rainforests, and hidden valleys that are otherwise inaccessible.

Safety measures are paramount. Each passenger is securely strapped in, and professional pilots ensure a smooth flight. If you’re over 240 pounds, you may need to pay an additional fee; if over 300 pounds, an extra seat purchase might be required.

The tour schedule can change due to weather, though cancellations are rare. If the flight cancels, there’s no charge, and rescheduling is easy. Getting accurate body weights during booking is crucial to the safety and allocation of seats. While only cameras and video equipment are allowed on board, you’re guaranteed to capture stunning imagery.

Consider booking early morning flights for the clearest skies. Pick-up services are available if booked in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours of your tour, expect a $100 fee. Missing your flight time results in a $100 charge if you’re able to reschedule; otherwise, you’ll be billed the full tour price.

Flying in a Hughes 500 helicopter felt just like being part of a Hollywood action scene. The Magnum PI tour provided a unique, exhilarating, and photo-friendly adventure that’s hard to match.

Royal Crown of Oahu – 60 Min Helicopter Tour – Doors Off or On

Royal Crown of Oahu offers a 60-minute helicopter tour that’s packed with incredible sights. Choose between doors off or on for a unique experience. Doors-off flights provide unobstructed views, perfect for photography enthusiasts; doors-on flights offer comfort and security for those preferring an enclosed cabin.

Key Highlights

Royal Crown of Oahu tour covers several breathtaking landmarks:

  • Diamond Head: Marvel at the iconic volcanic crater from above.
  • Sacred Falls: Witness the majestic beauty of this hidden gem, normally inaccessible via hikes.
  • Ka’a’awa Valley: Fly over lush greenery, used as filming locations for many movies and TV shows.

Weight and Seating Policies

For safety and comfort, accurate weights must be provided during booking. Passengers over 240 pounds face additional fees, and those over 300 pounds require an extra seat purchase. Groups exceeding combined weight limits might need separate aircraft seating.

Booking and Cancellation Policies

Booking includes optional pickup, scheduled an hour before flight time. Cancellations with less than 72 hours’ notice incur full charges. Rescheduling within 24 hours attracts a $100 fee, while no-shows or late check-ins result in the full tour price charge.

What to Expect

Check-in 30 minutes before your flight. Carry only cameras or video equipment. Enjoy an adventure showcasing Oahu’s natural beauty from a new perspective. The professional crew ensures you feel safe throughout the journey.

Customer Reviews

Customers rave about this tour:

  • McQueen M: “Great adventure, a chance to learn about Oahu’s beautiful sights. I’d go again immediately.”
  • Oskar: “Thank you to all staff, but a BIG thanks to our pilot Oskar. He made us feel safe.”

Book the Royal Crown of Oahu tour to experience a thrilling aerial view of Hawaii’s magnificent landscapes.

Turtle Canyons Snorkel Excursion from Waikiki, Hawaii

Participants embark on the Turtle Canyons snorkel excursion from Waikiki, Hawaii to explore vibrant marine life. This adventure provides a unique chance to swim alongside Hawaiian green sea turtles, colorful fish, and diverse coral formations. It’s an unforgettable experience for underwater enthusiasts.

Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins) is provided, and expert guides ensure a safe, enjoyable trip. These guides offer insights into Hawaii’s aquatic ecosystem, enhancing the overall experience.

The tour includes a boat ride to the snorkeling site. While en route, participants may spot dolphins, tropical fish, and other marine creatures. Clear waters and visibility up to 100 feet offer optimal conditions for marine observation.

Tour policies include precise weight considerations and scheduling adjustments. Accurate body weight information helps ensure proper equipment and boat capacity management. Booking necessitates a 72-hour advance cancellation for a full refund.

Participants are advised to check in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Late arrivals may incur a rebooking fee. Parties larger than six should anticipate seating arrangements across multiple boats for comfort and safety.

These guidelines ensure everyone enjoys a safe, well-organized excursion. The Turtle Canyons snorkel excursion combines adventure, education, and breathtaking marine encounters, making it a must-visit activity in Waikiki, Hawaii.

45 Minute Isle Sights Unseen Helicopter Tour – Doors Off or On

The 45-Minute Isle Sights Unseen Helicopter Tour presents a comprehensive aerial view of Oahu’s hidden gems. Choosing to fly with the doors off enhances the thrill, providing unobstructed views and a more immersive experience. Individuals opting for doors on enjoy a secured, climate-controlled environment while still relishing spectacular vistas.

Tour Highlights

Participants see unique sights, such as:

  • Sacred Falls: This breathtaking 1,100-foot waterfall is accessible only by air.
  • Ka’a’awa Valley: Also known as Jurassic Valley, it’s famous for its lush greenery and dramatic terrain.
  • North Shore: Known for its world-class surfing spots and beautiful coastlines.

Weight and Seating Policies

Accurate weight details are crucial for tour arrangements. Open seating passengers over 240 pounds incur an additional fee of half a seat’s cost. Those over 300 pounds need another full seat. For groups, any two passengers exceeding 430 pounds together might need to purchase an extra comfort seat. Groups of more than six people or those with a combined weight of 1,000 pounds will be split across different helicopters. Timely notifications for weights over 350 pounds are necessary, with a contact number provided: 18083793701.

Cancellation Policies

The tour may face cancellations due to weather. Tourists must get in touch at least 72 hours before departure to cancel or change reservations without penalties. Cancellations within 48 hours result in a $100 fee. No-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of the flight will be billed the full tour price.

Additional Information

Pickup options can be added during booking, scheduled about an hour before the flight. Only cameras and video cameras are allowed on the tour. Ensure check-in is done 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time to avoid additional charges or rescheduling hassles.

Private Oʻahu Experience: ALL WINDOW SEATS

Discovering Oʻahu from a private helicopter offers unmatched views, especially when each seat is by a window.

Full Visibility for All

All passengers enjoy panoramic views, enabling you to capture incredible photos. Every seat is a window seat, ensuring you don’t miss any of Oʻahu’s stunning landscapes. If weather conditions cause deviations from the planned route, pilots will showcase other equally mesmerizing areas.

Famous Sites on the Tour

Weather permitting, the tour includes aerial views of Oʻahu’s renowned geological features:

  • Diamond Head: This iconic volcanic cone offers a dramatic vista from the air.
  • Ko’olau Mountains: Their lush ridges and valleys stretch prominently, presenting a unique sight.
  • Sacred Falls: A breathtaking waterfall nestled in the verdant landscape.
  • Ka’a’awa Valley: Known for its movie-set scenery.

Weight and Seating Policies

Passengers weighing over 240 pounds may incur an additional fee, half the cost of one seat. Those exceeding 300 pounds will be charged for an extra seat. Accurate weights ensure proper seating and safety.

Booking and Pickup

During booking, you can add a pickup service. The pickup occurs about an hour before the flight. Groups over six or with a combined weight over 1,000 pounds will be divided across multiple aircraft for comfort.

Safety and Cancellations

Tours are subject to weather conditions. If a tour gets canceled due to weather, rescheduling happens promptly. For changes or cancellations, provide at least 72 hours’ notice prior to your tour for smooth accommodations.

Unique Scenic Views

Even with unavoidable route changes, your pilot guarantees spectacular scenery and breathtaking views, showcasing the hidden wonders of the islands not typically accessible by car or trail.

Each flight offers a distinct way to appreciate Oʻahu’s natural beauty, with experienced pilots enhancing the experience through their extensive knowledge of Oʻahu’s attractions. Enjoy a private Oʻahu experience with all window seats, maximizing your helicopter adventure.

Path to Pali Passage – 30 Min Helicopter Tour – Doors Off or On

This 30-minute Path to Pali Passage helicopter tour offers breathtaking views of Oahu. Experience the thrill of flying with doors off for an unobstructed view or choose doors on for a more comfortable ride. As you soar above the island, you’ll see lush rainforests, dramatic cliffs, and miles of pristine beaches.

Tour Highlights

  1. Nuuanu Pali: Fly over the historic Nuuanu Pali Lookout, where ancient Hawaiian battles took place. It’s one of the most scenic spots, offering panoramic views of Oahu’s windward coast.
  2. Kaneohe Bay: Witness the vibrant coral reefs of Kaneohe Bay from above. The bay’s turquoise waters and lush surroundings create a picturesque scene.
  3. Chinaman’s Hat: Also known as Mokolii, this small basalt island resembles a hat and offers stunning aerial views. It’s a must-see landmark on the tour.

Booking and Policies

  • Seating and Weight: Passengers weighing over 240 pounds may incur an additional fee. The total weight per seat cannot exceed 285 pounds. Accurate body weights are needed for optimal seating arrangements.
  • Groups: Larger parties (more than 6 people or a combined weight over 1000 pounds) will be seated across multiple aircraft.
  • Cancellations: Cancel or change your reservation at least 72 hours in advance. Cancellations within 48 hours incur a $100 fee. Missed flights or cancellations less than 24 hours before departure result in full charging for the booked tour.
  • Pickup Service: Free VIP pickup and dropoff in Waikiki and nearby areas are available using an air-conditioned courtesy van.
  • Tour Schedule: Subject to change due to weather conditions. Cameras and video cameras are allowed on tour.
  • Safety Considerations: Passengers should provide accurate body weights as the tour’s execution depends on this information. Check-in is required 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time.

Immerse yourself in Oahu’s natural beauty with the Path to Pali Passage helicopter tour. Opt for doors-off for a more adventurous experience, or choose doors-on for comfort while still enjoying panoramic views.

City By The Sea – 20 Min Helicopter Tour – Doors Off or On

Enjoy the vibrant sights of Honolulu in the City By The Sea 20-minute helicopter tour. Choose between a doors-off or doors-on experience, catering to your comfort and thrill preferences. The tour departs from Honolulu International Airport and immediately dives into breathtaking aerial views.

After takeoff, the helicopter heads towards the iconic Diamond Head Crater. Marvel at this geological wonder from above, noticing its unique composition and historical significance. The doors-off option provides an unobstructed 360-degree view, enhancing the visual experience and photograph opportunities.

Next up, the tour covers Waikiki Beach. The stunning shoreline comes alive from the sky, ideal for capturing those postcard-perfect shots. Aboard the doors-on option, expect excellent visibility through large windows while enjoying a quieter and more contained environment.

Continuing southward, the helicopter glides over Koko Head. This extinct volcanic landmark boasts an impressive hiking trail that’s clearly visible from above. Whether doors-off or doors-on, this sight is a must on your aerial itinerary.

The final stretch includes other key locations like Hanauma Bay, known for its marine sanctuary, and the impressive Makapu’u Lighthouse. Both offer stunning contrasts of aqua waters and rugged coastlines, best appreciated from a helicopter.

Adherence to passenger weight limits ensures flight safety and operational efficiency. For those weighing over 240 pounds, there may be additional fees, and combined passenger weights exceeding specific thresholds might require special arrangements. Accurate weight disclosure at the time of booking helps maintain a smooth experience.

Cancellation policies also apply. Tours canceled less than 24 hours before the flight incur fees, except in cases of rebooking. Missed check-ins within 30 minutes before departure will lead to charges, though rescheduling might be an option with a fee.

Bookings are streamlined, with options to add pickup services. Pickup ensures timely arrival, approximately one hour before flight time, enhancing convenience and reducing pre-tour stress.

Private 60 Minutes Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

The Private 60 Minutes Helicopter Tour in Honolulu offers an unforgettable aerial adventure. This tour provides an hour-long flight, giving me the chance to see Oahu’s unparalleled beauty from above. Unlike shorter tours, this extended duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of the island’s most iconic landmarks.

During my ride, the pilot will guide me over valleys, majestic waterfalls, and impressive mountains. Notable sights include the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the spectacular Diamond Head, and Honolulu’s bustling cityscape. The tour provides a rare opportunity to witness hidden rain forests and secluded beaches, which many visitors on the ground might miss.

This private experience ensures that I share the ride only with my chosen group, adding a layer of exclusivity and comfort. I can opt for the doors-off feature to enhance my visual experience and capture crystal-clear photographs. The state-of-the-art EcoStar helicopter is designed specifically for touring, promising me picture-postcard views through its expansive glass windows.

Listening to recorded commentary during the flight enriches my understanding of the island’s history and geography. Knowing that free cancellation is available offers peace of mind, should plans change. Additionally, transport from select hotels is an added convenience, making the entire experience seamless and enjoyable.

This 60-minute journey stands out for its comprehensive coverage of Oahu’s natural and historical attractions. It’s a perfect choice for anyone wanting a detailed look at the island from a vantage point that’s both thrilling and scenic.

Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour

Experience Oahu’s majestic landscapes from a unique vantage point with the Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour. This 60-minute adventure covers the island’s breathtaking scenery, including lush rainforests, turquoise waters, and iconic landmarks.

Passengers board the helicopter and ascend into the clear blue skies, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the vibrant cityscape of Honolulu below. Early in the tour, the flight passes over Waikiki Beach, where the golden sands meet the crystalline surf.

Next, the helicopter heads toward Diamond Head Crater, an ancient volcanic tuff cone offering impressive geological formations. Pilots provide insight into the crater’s history, enhancing the visual experience with educational commentary. Near Diamond Head, you’ll also catch views of the bustling Ala Moana Center, a popular shopping destination in Honolulu.

Continuing the journey, the aircraft flies over Hanauma Bay, renowned for its coral reefs and vibrant marine life. On clear days, it’s possible to see the colorful fish and intricate coral formations from above, creating a vivid and memorable sight.

Further along, the tour moves to the northeastern shore of Oahu, revealing the stunning landscapes of Makapu’u Point and Lighthouse. Here, the rugged cliffs and serene lighthouses create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the vast ocean. The helicopter ventures inland to show the expansive Kaneohe Bay, with its calm turquoise waters dotted with small islands.

Cameras and video cameras are encouraged on this journey to capture every moment. Seat arrangements comply with weight considerations, positioning all passengers securely for optimal viewing.

By offering spectacular views of Oahu’s diverse natural beauty and landmarks, the Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour provides a comprehensive, unforgettable aerial perspective of the island’s many wonders.

18 Minutes PRIVATE Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

Experience Honolulu from the air on this exclusive 18-minute private helicopter tour. The brief yet exhilarating flight offers breathtaking views of iconic landmarks, valleys, waterfalls, and mountains. This tour is perfect for those wanting a unique and intimate aerial adventure.

With just 18 minutes in the air, this helicopter tour ensures you see plenty of sites while fitting snugly into any itinerary. Glide over the stunning Waikiki Beach and capture the pristine coastline from above. Marvel at Diamond Head’s majestic peak and the surrounding lush landscapes.

A proficient pilot guides the tour, sharing insights about each landmark as you fly over them. The small-group setting guarantees personalized attention and a tranquil experience. If you opt for the doors-off feature, you’ll get unobstructed, crystal-clear photographs of Honolulu’s skyline and natural beauty.

Ensuring safety is paramount, with state-of-the-art helicopters designed for optimal touring experience. I found the EcoStar model to be especially accommodating with its large windows, providing excellent visibility and comfort.

Booking flexibility makes it convenient, offering free cancellation policies. Transportation is available from select hotels, simplifying logistics. Whether it’s your first helicopter tour or you’re revisiting Honolulu from a new perspective, this 18-minute journey offers an unforgettable snapshot of Hawaii’s charm.

Prices for this private tour start from $340.91, varying by group size. Given the tour’s popularity and limited availability, I recommend booking in advance to secure a spot. This private helicopter tour effortlessly blends efficiency with the exhilarating beauty of Hawaii, making it a must-try for any Honolulu visitor.

30 Minutes PRIVATE Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

A 30-minute private helicopter tour in Honolulu offers a compact yet comprehensive aerial adventure. Imagine soaring above the iconic landmarks, absorbing breathtaking views, and snapping crystal-clear photographs from the skies. The tour starts from a convenient location and covers highlights such as Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and the historic USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

During this tour, the state-of-the-art EcoStar helicopter ensures a smooth and comfortable experience. These helicopters come equipped with large glass windows, offering panoramic views of Honolulu’s natural and man-made wonders. The pilot’s recorded commentary enriches the journey, providing insights into hidden rainforests, valleys, waterfalls, and pristine beaches.

The flight path includes key spots:

  • Diamond Head: Get unparalleled views of this famous volcanic crater.
  • Waikiki Beach: Observe the pristine coastline and bustling beachgoers.
  • Pearl Harbor: Pay homage at the USS Arizona Memorial.
  • Hidden Rainforests: Capture the lush greenery hidden from everyday tourists.
  • Waterfalls and Valleys: Experience the serene beauty from above.

Safety features are top-notch, with the helicopters subject to rigorous maintenance checks. Additionally, you can opt for a doors-off experience, enhancing photo opportunities. This aspect makes it perfect for photographers looking to capture unobstructed shots.

Flexibility in booking adds to the tour’s appeal. Options for different group sizes allow for personalized experiences. For instance, whether you’re touring with family or friends, the helicopter comfortably accommodates everyone, ensuring everyone gets an excellent view.

Prices start at around $340.91, varying by group size and specific requirements. What sets this tour apart is the blend of efficiency and visual splendor, providing a snapshot of Honolulu’s beauty in just half an hour. The convenience of free cancellation ensures peace of mind, making this an ideal choice for visitors looking to maximize their short trip to Honolulu.

Complete Island Oahu Helicopter Tour

The Complete Island Oahu Helicopter Tour offers an unparalleled bird’s-eye view of Oahu’s stunning landscapes. This full-circle adventure starts over the iconic white sands of Waikiki Beach. Flying over Waikiki, you get an amazing view of its lively coastline and turquoise waters.

The tour takes you over lush greenery, azure waters, and cascading waterfalls. View natural landmarks like Sacred Falls and Ka’a’awa Valley from above, providing a unique perspective not available from the ground. The flight also includes a pass over the Kualoa Ranch, where famous movies were filmed.

This helicopter tour features VIP luxury with a maximum of four people per flight. It allows for a more exclusive and personalized experience, avoiding the crowded atmosphere of larger group tours. You get close-up views of the island’s most beautiful spots, making it ideal for photography enthusiasts.

Ending with a flyover of Pearl Harbor, you’ll see significant historical landmarks such as the USS Arizona Memorial. This final part of the tour serves as a poignant reminder of the events of World War II, adding both historical context and depth to your experience.

Safety remains a priority, with seating adjustments based on passenger weight to ensure balance and stability. Open Seating passengers over 240 pounds might incur an additional fee equal to half the cost of one seat. Those weighing more than 300 pounds must purchase an additional seat. If two passengers exceed a combined weight of 430 pounds, they may need to buy a comfort seat.

Tours are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions. Accurate body weights must be provided for safety and coverage purposes. Check-in is 30 minutes before flight time. Cancellations or changes require 72 hours’ notice; otherwise, a fee applies. Missing the scheduled flight or late check-in results in full billing.

The Complete Island Oahu Helicopter Tour offers a comprehensive view of Oahu’s most stunning features, blending natural beauty with historical landmarks. With prices starting at around $398.16, it’s a worthwhile investment for those looking to experience the island in an unforgettable way.

Day Trip from Oahu to Hilo: Active Volcanoes & Helicopter Tour

Exploring Hawaii’s active volcanoes offers an unforgettable experience. This tour starts with a scenic flight from Oahu to Hilo. Upon arrival, I dive into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, visiting the renowned Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The park features the active Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting continuously since 1983.

After delving into the park’s wonders, the helicopter tour provides a bird’s-eye view of craters, lava rivers, and lush rainforests. The unique perspective from above showcases the powerful natural forces shaping the island. Due to weight and balance requirements, precise body weight is vital while booking. Ensuring accurate information helps confirm the adventure’s success, especially for parties over 6 or weighing a combined 1,000 pounds.

Safety is paramount during helicopter tours, particularly with open seating. Passengers over 240 pounds may face an additional fee equal to half a seat cost, whereas those over 300 pounds must purchase an extra seat. For combined weights exceeding 430 pounds, a comfort seat buy-in is required. Ensuring passengers adhere to these guidelines maintains the smooth operation of aerial tours.

Booking policies stipulate a 72-hour notice for cancellations or changes. This flexibility accommodates unexpected changes while maintaining the quality of tour operations. If there are any special requirements like door configurations, it’s easy to arrange during bookings, whether preferring doors-on or doors-off flights for unparalleled comfort.

The trip concludes with a return flight to Oahu, ensuring a full-day excursion packed with natural beauty and exhilarating experiences. The combination of land and aerial perspectives in a single day’s itinerary forms an essential part of my Hawaiian adventure, intricately linking the ground tours with the breathtaking volcanic scenery from above.

Waikiki Sunset – 50 Min Helicopter Tour – Doors Off or On

The Waikiki Sunset Helicopter Tour offers a 50-minute aerial adventure. On this tour, passengers choose between doors-off or doors-on configurations based on their comfort and thrill preferences. The primary attractions include Waikiki Beach, the lush valleys of the Windward Coast, and the iconic Diamond Head crater.

Customers opting for the doors-off experience enjoy unobstructed views, perfect for taking stunning photos and videos. The doors-on option provides a more enclosed experience while still offering panoramic windows for excellent visibility. Both options ensure a breathtaking sunset view, showcasing the vibrant hues of the Hawaiian sky merging with the Pacific Ocean.

Weight requirements apply to ensure safety and balance. Open Seating passengers over 240 pounds incur an additional fee, while those above 300 pounds must purchase an extra seat. Two passengers with a combined weight over 430 pounds from the same reservation could also need a comfort seat. Accurate body weights provided during booking are essential to maintaining the tour’s schedule and safety standards.

Tours operate subject to weather conditions, and cancellations require at least 72 hours notice. Passengers failing to cancel within 24 hours of the flight incur full charge unless rescheduled, in which case a $100 fee applies. Check-in is 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time to avoid additional fees for late arrivals.

The tour showcases spectacular spots like Makapu’u Point, Mt. Olomana, and the tranquil valleys spotted along the Windward Coast. Pickup services are available, adding convenience for guests, with the additional time approximately one hour before the flight. This tour provides a unique way to experience Oahu’s beauty, offering memorable sunset views from an unparalleled vantage point.

18 Minutes SHARED Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

An 18-minute shared helicopter tour in Honolulu offers a quick yet unforgettable aerial experience. This tour, though short, provides comprehensive views of iconic landmarks, pristine beaches, and lush landscapes. It’s ideal for those short on time but eager to see Honolulu from a unique vantage point.

During the flight, you’ll get to see key attractions like Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, and the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. The compact tour maximizes each minute, ensuring you capture stunning photographs and lasting memories. Going for the door-off option enhances the photography experience with an unobstructed view.

The tour operates with shared seating arrangements, meaning you’ll likely share the helicopter with other guests. Despite this, the seating is arranged to ensure everyone has a good view. Pilots are experienced guides, providing insightful commentary on the landmarks below as they navigate the skies above Honolulu.

Booking policies are straightforward, with free cancellations and the tour schedule subject to change due to weather conditions. Weight requirements apply for passengers to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Passengers weighing over 240 pounds may incur additional fees, and combined weights exceeding 430 pounds might necessitate a comfort seat. Only cameras are allowed on the tour, emphasizing the focus on capturing the stunning aerial views.

This short yet comprehensive tour is a perfect primer for first-time visitors or those looking to squeeze in an aerial adventure within a tight schedule. It packs a lot into 18 minutes, allowing you to see Honolulu’s top spots efficiently.

Private Helicopter Oʻahu: Photography Flight ALL WINDOW SEATS

Experiencing a private helicopter tour of Oʻahu provides an unparalleled opportunity for photographers. With all window seats, every passenger enjoys unobstructed views of the island’s most breathtaking sights. This setup ensures you’ll capture stunning aerial shots, whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist.

Tour Highlights

On this tour, weather permitting, the pilot navigates over Oʻahu’s most iconic landmarks. Among these are the stunning beaches of Waikiki and the awe-inspiring Diamond Head crater. The island’s lush, verdant landscapes offer endless photography opportunities, creating lasting memories of your journey.

Tour Logistics

Pickups can be added during booking, approximately one hour before flight time. Accurate body weights must be provided, as seating for parties with a combined weight over 1000 lbs may require arrangements across multiple aircraft. Open Seating passengers over 240 lbs might incur an additional fee, and those over 300 lbs will need to purchase an extra seat.

Weight and Seating Policies

  • 240-300 lbs: Additional fee equal to half the cost of one seat
  • Over 300 lbs: Charge for an additional seat
  • Combined Weight (Two passengers, same reservation): Over 430 lbs may require a comfort seat
  • Over 350 lbs: Call 1-808-379-3701

Booking and Cancellation

Notify us at least 72 hours before your tour date for cancellations or changes. If canceled within 24 hours of the flight, the full tour cost applies. Rebooking for another day incurs a $100 service charge. Arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to avoid penalties.

Ideal Conditions for Photography

Oʻahu’s diverse landscape features beaches, mountains, and forests, offering perfect conditions for aerial photography. Cameras and video cameras are the only permitted items onboard, ensuring that you focus solely on capturing the island’s beauty.

Oahu to Big Island : Big Island Volcano Helicopter Tour & Hilo 1 Day Tour

The Oahu to Big Island helicopter tour offers an extraordinary journey to explore the volcanic landscape of the Big Island. This tour includes a comprehensive aerial view of active volcanoes, lava fields, and volcanic craters, revealing the raw power of nature. Departing from Oahu, the flight emphasizes the island’s geological wonders, giving a unique perspective on volcanic activity.

The Hilo 1 Day Tour complements the helicopter experience by providing ground access to some of the Big Island’s most captivating locations. Participants visit Rainbow Falls, renowned for its breathtaking 80-foot drop. The falls are a must-see for anyone interested in natural beauty and local folklore. Additionally, the tour includes a stop at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, offering up-close views of the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes.

For passengers weighing over 300 pounds, purchasing an additional seat is necessary. Groups exceeding 1,000 pounds will be seated across multiple aircraft to ensure safety and comfort. It’s crucial to provide accurate body weights during booking, as this information affects seating arrangements and flight execution.

Rescheduling or canceling reservations must be done at least 72 hours before the scheduled tour. Changes made with less than 24 hours notice incur a $100 service fee. A full charge applies for cancellations within 24 hours. Passengers who arrive late and miss their flight time will also incur a $100 rescheduling fee if they manage to rebook for a later date.

This tour also features the convenience of a pickup service, available one hour before the flight time. Participants can only bring cameras and video cameras onboard to capture memories.

This tour’s highlight includes seeing the island’s most famous geological features. Weather permitting, pilots showcase stunning views of the Big Island, encompassing both air and land perspectives.

30 Minutes SHARED Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

Experience Honolulu from a unique vantage point on a 30-minute shared helicopter tour. This tour offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, Waikiki’s pristine beaches, and iconic landmarks like the Diamond Head crater and the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. With only 30 minutes in the air, you’ll capture panoramic images that could take a full day by ground.

Opt for the doors-off option if you’re keen on crystal-clear photographic opportunities. The absence of doors eliminates window reflections, providing unobstructed views of the stunning cityscape below. This is perfect for photography enthusiasts looking to capture perfect aerial shots.

You’ll share this incredible adventure with other passengers, making it a more affordable option while still offering a comprehensive skyline tour. The shared seating also allows for dynamic interactions, making the experience as socially enriching as it is visually stunning.

The tour has a few considerations for comfort and safety. Passengers over 240 pounds may need to pay an additional fee, while those over 300 pounds will require an extra seat. The combined weight of two passengers exceeding 430 pounds might necessitate a comfort seat, ensuring that all travelers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

Cancellation policies offer flexibility, as free cancellation is available, ensuring peace of mind when booking. Flights are subject to changes, and bad weather conditions may result in rescheduling. Only cameras are allowed on board, keeping the experience focused and hassle-free.

A 30-minute shared helicopter tour in Honolulu provides both a thrilling experience and a practical way to see the city’s key landmarks from above. Whether you’re a visitor with a tight schedule or a local exploring your own backyard, this tour offers an unparalleled aerial adventure.

Private 45 Minute Helicopter Tour with Romantic Landing

A Private 45-Minute Helicopter Tour with Romantic Landing offers exclusive views and an intimate experience. This tour begins with a scenic flight over Oʻahu’s lush landscapes, providing breathtaking panoramas of Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Ideal for couples, the exclusivity ensures tranquility without the presence of other tourists.

The itinerary includes a romantic landing at a secluded location. Here, couples can immerse themselves in the natural beauty, capturing memorable photos or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere. Given the limited availability, this private tour needs advance booking, ensuring a personalized experience.

Weight limits apply to ensure safety; each seat has a maximum weight of 285 pounds. Itinerary adjustments could occur due to weather conditions, with the tour subject to change or cancellation for safety reasons. Ensure accurate weight reporting during booking to facilitate a seamless experience.

Passengers above 240 pounds incur an additional fee equal to half the cost of one seat. If over 300 pounds, buying an additional seat is necessary. For combined weights over 430 pounds or if any passenger weighs over 350 pounds, call the booking team via 18083793701 for further arrangements.

Cancellation policies are strict to maintain operational integrity. Cancel or change your reservation with at least 72 hours’ notice to avoid fees. Cancellations within 48 hours incur a 100% fee, and no-shows or those who fail to check in 30 minutes before flight time pay the full tour price. Rescheduling within 24 hours incurs a $100 service charge, while late check-ins face a $100 fee if rescheduling is possible.

This private 45-minute helicopter tour with a romantic landing offers an unforgettable adventure, combining luxury, scenic views, and intimate moments in one exclusive package.

Day Trip from Oahu to Kauai: Movie Adventure & Helicopter Tour

Discover breathtaking landscapes on a day trip from Oahu to Kauai, with a focus on movie locations and a thrilling helicopter tour. Kauai’s stunning scenery often features in Hollywood films, making it an exciting destination for movie buffs and nature lovers alike.

Hollywood Movie Locations

Kauai, known as the “Garden Isle”, boasts lush landscapes that Hollywood loves. Movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” have scenes filmed here. You’ll visit iconic spots like the Na Pali Coast, where cliffs dramatically meet the ocean, and Hanapepe Valley, featured in “Jurassic Park”. These locations not only captivate with their beauty but also their cinematic history.

Helicopter Tour Highlights

A helicopter tour offers unparalleled views of Kauai’s geological marvels. Weather permitting, pilots take you over Waimea Canyon, often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. You’ll soar above cascading waterfalls like those at Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots on Earth. The aerial perspective gives a unique view of the island’s diverse topography, including verdant valleys and rugged cliffs.

Tour Logistics & Considerations

Tours often begin early, with a pickup from your hotel approximately one hour before your flight. It’s crucial to check in at least 30 minutes before takeoff. Passengers must provide accurate body weights due to safety regulations; additional fees apply for those exceeding weight limits. Cancellation policies are strict: cancel at least 72 hours in advance to avoid fees. If you miss your scheduled time, a rescheduling fee of $100 applies.

Additional Experiences

Besides the helicopter tour, your day trip includes exploring local sights. Visit film location tours or Kauai’s charming towns. The island’s rich history and culture await, providing a well-rounded adventure. Whether you’re a movie fan or a nature enthusiast, this day trip from Oahu to Kauai promises an unforgettable experience.

60 Minutes SHARED Helicopter Tour in Honolulu

A 60-minute shared helicopter tour offers breathtaking aerial views of Honolulu. Soaring above the city, passengers witness Waikiki’s pristine beaches, Oahu’s lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls. This tour typically includes iconic landmarks like Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Passengers share the experience with others but still enjoy a personal connection with stunning landscapes. The helicopter’s design ensures every seat has an excellent view, allowing for incredible photo opportunities. Additionally, many tours offer a “doors-off” option for unobstructed photography.

Safety is a priority on these tours. Pilots provide thorough briefings and ensure everyone understands the safety protocols. Each tour adheres to strict weight regulations. Passengers over 240 pounds may face additional fees, and those over 300 pounds must purchase an extra seat. Combined weights over 430 pounds from the same reservation may also incur this requirement.

Tours operate under various weather conditions but can be canceled if unsafe. Passengers can typically expect a full refund or reschedule in such instances. Only cameras are allowed on board, ensuring a clutter-free, enjoyable experience.

Considering its comprehensive nature, a 60-minute shared helicopter tour in Honolulu is ideal for capturing the island’s breathtaking beauty.

Marry Me Banner on the Beach – Helicopter Proposal Flight

If you’re looking for a unique way to pop the question nothing beats a helicopter proposal flight over Honolulu. Imagine soaring above the stunning landscapes with a “Marry Me” banner unfurled on a pristine beach below. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that combines romance with breathtaking views.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or simply want to capture the magic of Hawaii from above a helicopter tour offers an unforgettable experience. With a variety of tours and options available there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to see Honolulu and its iconic landmarks from a whole new perspective.

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