Ultimate Guide to Helicopter Tours in Hilo: Explore Lava, Waterfalls & Scenic Adventures

Seeing the Big Island from the air is like nothing else and helicopter tours in Hilo are the best way to see nature’s raw power. From active volcanoes to misting waterfalls these tours see the island’s most amazing sights. Imagine flying over Kilauea, seeing the aftermath of the 2018 eruption and looking down at the lush rainforests and waterfalls that make up this unique landscape.

With multiple tour companies and heliports to choose from it’s easy to find a departure point near you. Whether you’re staying in Hilo, Kona or Waikoloa there’s an option for you. The tours are not just visually stunning they’re also informative with two way headsets so you don’t miss a thing. If you want to make your Hawaiian adventure unforgettable a helicopter tour from Hilo should be #1 on your list.

Kona Coast Tour

The Kona Coast tour sees Hawaii’s unique landscapes from the air. Departing from Kona International Airport this tour flies the coastline and shows you some of the island’s most famous sights. The tour includes white sand beaches like Honokohau Bay and black lava fields that contrast beautifully with the blue ocean.

Choose from different tour types. Doors off is for passengers 12 and up and offers the ultimate unobstructed view. Doors on is for 7 and up and is comfortable and safe while still showing you amazing scenery.

One of the best parts of this tour is the golden hour photography. As the sun sets the light is perfect for capturing the Kona and Kohala coast. This is a great tour for photography enthusiasts who want to see Hawaii’s landscapes.

Also the Kona Coast tour often has expert commentary from experienced pilots. With two way headsets passengers can hear about the island’s geology, history and culture. The narrative adds depth to the visual and makes the tour educational and fun.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Kona Coast Tour:

  • Departure: Kona International Airport
  • Sights: Honokohau Bay, Kona Town, black lava fields, white sand beaches
  • Tour Types: Doors off (12+), doors on (7+)
  • Photography: Golden hour
  • Commentary: Expert pilots

Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a nature nut the Kona Coast tour is the ultimate way to see the Big Island from the air.

Magical Waterfalls Tour

The “Magical Waterfalls Tour” departs from Hilo and sees some of Hawaii’s most amazing waterfalls from the air. This tour focuses on the eastern side of the Big Island.

Tour Highlights

Waterfalls: See famous waterfalls like Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls from angles that can’t be seen from the ground. Rainbow Falls in Hilo town is 80 feet tall and has a beautiful waterfall. Akaka Falls 11 miles north of Hilo is 442 feet tall and surrounded by a rainforest.

Hamakua Coastline: As we fly along the Hamakua Coastline the scenery changes from valleys to sea cliffs. This part of the tour sees the intersection of land and sea and the natural beauty of Hawaii’s coastline.

Wailuku River State Park: Fly over one of the Big Island’s longest rivers, Wailuku River. See the water flowing and carving its way through the landscape and forming pools and waterfalls along the way.

Special Features

Doors Off: If you want an unobstructed view opt for the doors off. This allows better photography and a more immersive experience, feeling the wind and the height.

Commentary: The pilots are knowledgeable and provide commentary throughout the tour about the history, geology and ecology of what you’re seeing. This adds depth to the visual and makes the tour educational and cool.

Environmental Focus: The tour companies (Paradise Helicopters and Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours) are environmentally conscious and make sure their flights don’t disturb the natural habitats below. They practice sustainable tourism.


Tour Length: The “Magical Waterfalls Tour” is 45 minutes long, perfect for a quick and complete look at Hilo’s natural beauty.

Schedule: Daily, morning and afternoon departures. Weigh-in required for all passengers.

Big Island Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour of the Big Island is not just a ride it’s an adventure. These tours see diverse landscapes, active volcanoes, rainforests and waterfalls from the air and give you a new perspective on the biggest island in Hawaii.

Hilo Departure

Departing from Hilo these tours focus on the eastern side of the island. A highlight is the quick flight over the rainforests and waterfalls which elevates the visual experience. See Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls, two of the most beautiful waterfalls. The tours often fly over the Hamakua Coastline and see dramatic cliffs and ocean views.

Special Features

Doors off and doors on options for all. Doors off is for photographers and adventurers. Age restrictions apply, 12 years old for doors off and 7 years old for doors on to ensure safety without compromising fun.

Environmental Focus

Paradise Helicopters practice sustainable tourism. They minimize their impact while still delivering an amazing experience. The focus on eco-friendly practices adds value to the tour and commitment to preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty for generations to come.


Pilots are your guides. They narrate the history, geology and ecology of what you’re seeing. This adds depth to the flight and makes it educational and cool.

Typical Tour

Tours are 45 minutes to 1 hour long, daily morning and afternoon departures. This allows for flexibility with your travel plans. Whether you’re on a quick trip or part of a longer stay these tours give you the highlights of the eastern side of the Big Island.

  • Rainbow Falls: Famous for the colors in the mist especially during sunrise.
  • Akaka Falls: 442 foot plunge into a gorge surrounded by greenery.
  • Wailuku River State Park: See Hawaii’s longest river and surrounding landscapes.
  • Hamakua Coastline: Ocean views and cliffs.

Hilo: Early Bird Circle of Fire

The Early Bird Circle of Fire tour gives you a unique view of the Big Island’s volcanic landscape. Departing from Hilo in the morning these tours have the best chance of clear weather and visibility over the active volcanic areas. The tour often starts with a flight over the world famous Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano on Earth. Kilauea erupted from 1983 to 2018, paused in 2019 and 2020 and reignited in December 2020.

Then you’ll fly over Mauna Loa which erupted in November 2022 after being dormant for 50 years. This recent activity created amazing lava flows and a dramatic aerial view of the changing lava landscape. The helicopter gives you a unique perspective on how these Hawaiian shield volcanoes shape the land, carving out unique formations and geographic features that can only be seen from the air.

The tour may include views of the flow fields from the 2018 eruptions that reshaped the Puna area. These flights may also see jungle waterfalls on the outskirts of Hilo including cascading falls deep in the rainforest. These inclusions make the tour comprehensive covering both volcanic activity and the lush landscapes of the Big Island.

Routes may change daily due to weather and volcanic activity so every tour is unique. The early morning schedule not only gives you better visibility but also fewer helicopters in the air so it’s more peaceful. Passengers are weighed at check-in to ensure optimal balance and safety on the flight.

Tour is 45 minutes to 1 hour long, long enough to see the volcanic wonders but short enough for most visitors. The combination of geology, history and scenery makes the Early Bird Circle of Fire tour a must do when in Hilo.

Hilo: Late Bird Circle of Fire

The Late Bird Circle of Fire helicopter tour from Hilo is an afternoon adventure through the island’s volcanic landscape. While the early morning tours see the day’s first light over the active volcanoes, the late bird option sees these natural wonders in the soft afternoon light. This tour covers the famous Kilauea Volcano which has been active and has shaped the area.

Tours fly over the volcanic landscapes and see live lava flows when conditions permit which can vary daily due to weather and volcanic activity. Operators adjust the routes for maximum visibility and safety. The aerial views of Mauna Loa’s recent eruptions show dramatic contrasts between the black lava fields and the green surrounding vegetation.

Among the sights you’ll see are landscapes changed by the 2018 eruptions including the Puna area where the lava flow reshaped the land. This gives you a perspective on nature’s power. The late bird option may see scenic views of Hilo’s rainforests and the famous jungle waterfalls on the outskirts of the city. Flying over the waterfalls like those near Hilo gives you a view of the island’s diverse ecosystem that can’t be seen from the ground.

Tour is 45 minutes to 1 hour long and is an alternative for those who want to start their day later. All flights are safe and passengers are weighed at check-in to ensure aircraft balance and comfort. Tour operators provide commentary on the region’s geology and history to add to the educational value of the tour.

Book in advance as weather conditions can change flight paths or cause delays. The tour is flexible to suit all kinds of travelers so it’s a great option to see Hilo’s volcanic wonders in the afternoon.

Waimea: Doors-Off Kohala Waterfalls & Hike

The Doors-Off Kohala Waterfalls & Hike tour in Waimea is an adrenaline rush by combining an air-and-land adventure. Passengers see the famous Kohala coastline from the air, lush valleys and waterfalls, then land for a guided hike. This tour is known for its great commentary and gives you a deep look into Hawaii’s natural and cultural history.

Aerial Views

Flying doors off over Kohala’s rugged landscape gives you an up close and personal experience. See the valleys, cliffs and hidden waterfalls. This unique perspective allows for unobstructed, 360 degree views that will delight photographers and nature lovers.

Guided Hike

After the helicopter ride, the adventure continues on foot. The hike is led by local guides and explores areas only accessible by air. You’ll walk through native forests and see endemic flora and fauna and learn about the region’s ecological importance.

Tour Details

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Group Size: Small groups of 6 or less for a personal experience
  • Safety: Mandatory safety briefings and harnesses for doors-off flight
  • Physical Activity: Moderate


Compare prices among tour operators to find the best deal. For example Paradise Helicopters has competitive pricing and great reviews. Always check for seasonal specials and discounts.

This tour gives you the best of both worlds, aerial views and a hike. Experience the thrill of a doors-off flight and the serenity of a guided hike for the ultimate Hawaiian adventure.

Waimea: Doors-Off Kohala Valleys & Waterfalls

Helicopter tours from Waimea offers a special experience with the Doors-Off Kohala Valleys & Waterfalls tour. 3 hours long, it’s a combination of aerial views and land exploration.

Aerial Views

Fly over the Kohala coast, famous for its rugged cliffs and valleys. These tours visit the most scenic spots, Pololu Valley and Waipio Valley, for 360 degree views. Airborne sections see towering waterfalls and greenery. Doors-off helicopters give you unobstructed photo opportunities.

Guided Hike

After the helicopter ride, land in a secluded area for a guided hike. Learn about Hawaii’s native flora and fauna as you walk. Guides often share interesting facts about the region’s ecology and history so the hike is educational and fun. These hikes are usually easy to moderate so suitable for most travelers.

Safety and Sustainability

Operators take safety seriously with thorough briefings and equipment. Most tours, including top rated operators like Paradise Helicopters and Mauna Loa Helicopters, follow strict safety protocols. They also practice eco-friendly methods to minimize their impact on the environment. So while you enjoy Hawaii, the environment is protected.

Small Groups

This tour is perfect for small groups or couples looking for an intimate experience. Small group sizes means a more personal experience so you can fully take in the natural beauty and serenity. Great for those who prefer exclusive and quiet experiences over the crowds of other tourist activities.

Not only do these tours from Waimea give you aerial views but also a hike so you get the full Hawaii experience.

Hilo: Volcano by Air & Land

Volcano by Air & Land is one of the most popular helicopter tours from Hilo. A combination of aerial and ground adventure. This tour visits some of the most scenic landscapes on the Big Island, Kilauea Volcano and Mauna Loa.

I found starting the tour from Hilo gives you immediate access to the rainforests and volcanic landscapes that make this area so special. As we took off the first sight was the lava fields from the 2018 eruptions. The contrast between the green of the rainforest and the black lava is breathtaking.

On this tour the helicopter hovers above Kilauea’s caldera for stunning views. The flight path includes active lava flows so you get to see volcanic activity from above. We flew over Mauna Loa, the tallest volcano on earth, to top it all off.

After landing we didn’t stop adventuring. The tour continued with a guided visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I joined a small group with knowledgeable guides who shared information about the island’s geology and history. We walked through lava tubes and saw steam vents up close and personal.

About 9 hours long this tour fits a lot in one day. Morning and afternoon departures available so you can fit it in with your travel schedule. Safety measures in place from start to finish.

This tour is for anyone who wants to see both the sky and the ground of Hawaii’s volcanic landscapes. The combination of helicopter flight and ground adventure gives you the full Hawaii experience.

Kona: Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike

The Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike tour is an immersive experience on the Big Island. This tour combines aerial views and a hike for the ultimate island adventure. From Kona you’ll take a scenic helicopter flight along the Kohala coast. The aerial part of the tour shows you towering sea cliffs, valleys and hidden waterfalls, a view like no other.

After the helicopter we get out and hike. This guided hike takes you deep into the secluded and pristine areas of Kohala to see the island’s diverse flora and fauna up close. The hike is designed to be accessible for most fitness levels so great for families or groups with varying abilities. The knowledgeable guides will share information about the area’s history, geology and ecology along the way.

Tour highlights include visits to several waterfalls where you can take in the scenery and cool off in the pools if conditions permit. These waterfalls are less crowded than others on the island so a more intimate and peaceful experience. We also hike through ancient Hawaiian farming sites and historical landmarks to give you a glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage.

The Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike tour is about 6 hours long so participants should wear comfortable hiking shoes, sun protection and bring plenty of water. Tours daily with morning and afternoon departures. The combination of helicopter flight and guided hike gives you the full Hawaii experience.

Kona: Volcano Kohala Landing

Helicopter tours of the Big Island around Kona show you active volcanoes and lush landscapes. The Volcano Kohala Landing tour is a must do. This tour is an aerial adventure with an exclusive landing in the historic Kohala area.

During the flight you’ll see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from above. See the dynamic Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, both of which are volcanically active. The bird’s eye view of flowing lava and geothermal landscapes is perfect for photos.

One of the best parts of this tour is the landing in the Kohala area. After we land you can walk amongst ancient Hawaiian ruins, explore hidden white and black sand beaches and see cascading waterfalls. This exclusive access gives you a deeper connection to the island’s cultural heritage.

Participants will hover above the Kohala Valleys and see 2,500 foot waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. Along the way we’ll see frozen lava flows on the Kona coast to show you the island’s geology.

Tours are daily morning and afternoon so it fits any schedule. Weigh-in is required at check-in for all passengers for safety and balance. Book ahead to get seasonal discounts from reputable companies like Paradise Helicopters.

If you want to see all of Hawaii’s natural wonders the Volcano Kohala Landing tour is the way to go. The combination of helicopter ride and land adventure gives you the full Hawaii experience.

Kona: Volcano by Air & Land

The Volcano by Air & Land tour from Kona is the ultimate Hawaii Island experience. Starting with a bird’s eye view of Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world, you’ll see the raw power of recent eruptions and the intricate patterns of frozen lava flows. Seeing this from above gives you a whole new perspective on the land.

After the aerial tour the helicopter will land in the historic Kohala area. This area is known for its lush landscapes and has ancient Hawaiian ruins, hidden white and black sand beaches and cascading waterfalls. Walking through the rugged terrain gives you a deeper connection to the island’s cultural heritage.

The Kohala Landing is a chance to walk on volcanic sand and be surrounded by 2,500 foot waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. Being in this environment you can really feel the geological forces at work. The combination of air and land adventure gives you the full experience, seeing the big picture from above and the details on the ground.

Tours are daily with morning and afternoon departures. Weigh-in is required at check-in for regulations. Tours are weather and volcanic activity dependent so each trip is unique. Whether you see active lava or hidden valleys the Kona tour gives you the full Hawaii experience.

If you want to experience the real Hawaii the Kona: Volcano by Air & Land tour is the way to go, it’s the combination of the aerial views and the ground adventure. This tour is the ultimate experience for visitors.

Kona: Experience Hawai‘i

Kona is the best way to see the beautiful Hawaii Big Island. I started my adventure at Kona International Airport and flew southbound past Honokohau Bay and Kona Town. The helicopter took off and I saw panoramic views of the different landscapes, beaches and rainforests.

The Big Island has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hawai‘i. On this tour I saw 7 waterfalls cascading down the valley walls. These waterfalls surrounded by tropical foliage is a sight to behold. Families note: my tour had Doors-Off options for 12 and up and Doors-On for 7 and up so all ages can fly.

If you want the full island experience the full island VIP tour combines all the highlights of the Big Island into one tour. I saw everything from pristine coastlines to active volcanic sites so I got the full circle of the island’s geography.

One of the biggest highlights was the aerial view of Kilauea and its landscape. The massive eruptions of this active volcano have changed the island so much it’s a living example of nature’s power and unpredictability. The tour gave me the chance to see the lava flows and what they do to the terrain.

Another big highlight was the Kohala landing. I stepped out of the helicopter and into the historic Kohala area. I walked among ancient ruins and learned about the island’s cultural heritage. The Kohala Landing tour let me walk among cliffs and valleys so I could feel what I saw from above.

I got the best of Hawaii’s natural beauty and history in one tour, air and land. Daily departures so you can choose your schedule and we’ll adapt to the weather to give you the best views. Booking a Kona helicopter tour is an investment in seeing the Big Island’s top landscapes.

Kona: Kohala Coast & Waterfalls

The Kohala Coast is the rugged and beautiful Big Island. A helicopter tour from Kona covers this coastline and its natural wonders. One of them is the Waipiʻo Valley with 2,000 foot cliffs and waterfalls.

A 75 minute private helicopter tour with Mauna Loa Helicopters is the ultimate experience to see these landscapes. No one else will be on the tour with you so it’s a private adventure. As you fly over the Kohala Coast you’ll see the cliffs and hidden waterfalls that are not accessible by land.

Tours from Kona go further because of the southwestern location. But this extra distance gives you an added bonus: views of the Kona Coast itself. These tours can be a full day circle island tour and cover not only the Kohala Coast but also the Hamakua Coast in the east.

Sunset helicopter tours along the Kona coast are even more special during the Golden Hour. Private tours are 30 minutes long and the coast is bathed in warm golden light. By booking early in your stay you can plan the rest of your Big Island vacation. The aerial view helps you decide what to see on foot or by car. Whether it’s a full day tour or a shorter sunset flight these tours will give you a lifetime of memories of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Kona: Circle Island

From Kona International Airport the Circle Island tour is the ultimate view of the Big Island. 2 hours long and covers over 300 miles of the island. I like this tour because it packs so much of Hawaii’s beauty into one flight.

Tour Highlights

  • Volcanoes: The tour starts with a flyover of the active Kilauea volcano. Seeing the lava flows and craters from above is unbeatable. Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours and Paradise Helicopters provide commentary while flying over this active landscape.
  • Rainforests and Waterfalls: Next the helicopter heads east and flies over the dense rainforests and waterfalls of the Hamakua Coast. I wouldn’t miss the sight of Akaka Falls dropping from above.
  • Kohala Mountains: Continuing north the tour flies over the rugged Kohala Mountains and isolated valleys and ancient sites. This part of the tour often includes a landing in the historic Kohala area so you can walk among the scenery.

Why this Tour

  • Full Coverage: With routes from the volcanic southeast to the northern tip this tour gives you a complete view of the island. Perfect for those who want to see it all.
  • Luxury: Many operators offer in-flight refreshments and climate controlled cabins. Mauna Loa Helicopters even offers private tours with custom itineraries.
  • Photography: The views from above are incredible. The panoramic views of Waipiʻo Valley are perfect for capturing memories.
  • Tours are 2 hours long and depart from Kona International Airport.
  • Price starts at $500 per person.
  • Book early especially during peak season.
  • Passengers will be weighed at check-in to ensure proper weight distribution.

The Kona Circle Island Experience is the best of both worlds, comfort and full coverage.

Hilo: Lava & Rainforests

Hilo is the ultimate adventure where you can see flowing lava and lush rainforests. Take a helicopter tour to see the views not accessible by land. Fly over the famous Kilauea volcano and see the aftermath of the 2018 eruption. The tour flies the windward side of the volcano, the wettest place in the USA. Torrential rains have carved lava crevasses into pools, rivers and waterfalls.

One of the highlights is the Wainuenue waterfall. As the sun hits the falls it becomes a kaleidoscope of colors in the sky. “Wainuenue” means “rainbow water” in Hawaiian, aptly named. The falls are a photographer’s dream.

The helicopter doesn’t stop at waterfalls. Fly over Hilo’s rainforest, one of the greenest places on the planet. The tall trees and dense foliage is a sight to behold, a must see for nature lovers. The two way headsets in the helicopter allow you to talk to the pilot and ask questions.

AStar helicopters make the tour even more comfortable. The tour is narrated throughout so it’s educational too. The whole experience is flying and natural beauty, a must do in Hilo.

Book a tour that gives you a bird’s eye view of Hilo’s different landscapes. From fiery lava flows to serene waterfalls, the variety of scenery is what makes this island so special. Book early as these tours are popular and limited.

If you want to see the whole island Hilo’s lava and rainforest adventure is it. It’s a rare chance to see nature’s power and beauty from above and create lasting memories.

Waikoloa: Mauna Loa Eruption

Visitors can see the dramatic landscapes around Waikoloa while watching Mauna Loa erupt. Helicopter tours departing from Waikoloa offer a unique view of this natural spectacle. Operators put safety first and make sure every passenger has an up close experience.

The views of Mauna Loa’s lava flows are stunning. From above you’ll see rivers of molten rock carving through the landscape creating new landforms. The contrast of the red lava against the dark ground is amazing.

Helicopter tour safety regulations are strict. Before you check in all passengers are weighed to ensure proper balance and weight distribution. Helicopter tours in Waikoloa adhere to these standards so you can relax.

Some Waikoloa helicopter tours:

  • Paradise Helicopters’ Eruption Explorer Tour: This tour gives you a full view of Mauna Loa’s eruptions with expert guides explaining the volcanic activity and its impact on the environment.
  • Mauna Loa Helicopters’ Private Volcano Adventure: For a more intimate experience this private tour lets you choose your own route and focus on specific areas around Mauna Loa.

To get the most out of your experience:

  • Book Early: Waikoloa tours are popular especially during peak season. Book in advance to ensure availability and your preferred time.
  • Dress Comfortable: Wear what’s appropriate for the weather and potential changes. Lightweight layers are best.
  • Bring a Camera: The views of Mauna Loa from above are perfect for photography. Make sure your camera or smartphone is fully charged.

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience Waikoloa’s helicopter tours around Mauna Loa’s eruptions are the best. Whether you choose a group tour or a private adventure seeing these natural wonders from above will create memories that last a lifetime.

Waikoloa: Big Island Big Time

Waikoloa has helicopter tours that really show off the Big Island. Departing from the Waikoloa Blue Hawaiian Helicopter heliport these tours cover a lot more ground in a lot less time than it would take to drive. From above you’ll see the world’s largest active volcano Mauna Loa and its eruptions.

Must See

  • Kīlauea Volcano: Tours often fly over Kīlauea one of the most active volcanoes on earth. Seeing it from above is a unique view of its activity.
  • Mauna Loa: Seeing Mauna Loa erupt is an experience you’ll never forget. The size and power of this volcano is best seen from a helicopter.
  • Sea Cliffs and Valleys: The sea cliffs of Waipio Valley and the valleys are breathtaking. You can only see this from the air.
  • Kohala Coast: This northern coast has sea cliffs and black sand beaches, a dramatic contrast to the green and volcanic landscapes.

Top Tours

  1. Paradise Helicopters’ Eruption Explorer Tour: See Mauna Loa’s eruptions up close. This tour includes scenic flights over lava flows, rainforests and waterfalls.
  2. Mauna Loa Helicopters’ Private Volcano Adventure: A private tour of the key volcanic sites so you can focus on what you want to see.
  • Book Early: These tours are popular and can sell out fast. Book in advance to ensure your preferred date and time.
  • Dress Comfortable: Wear light, comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. Bring a jacket too as temperatures can vary.
  • Camera: Don’t forget your camera! The views are amazing and you’ll want to capture these memories.

Helicopter tour in Waikoloa and see the Big Island’s natural wonders, volcanic activity, coastlines and rainforests. This aerial adventure is comprehensive and majestic.

Waikoloa: Kohala Coast

The Waikoloa: Kohala Coast tour offers views of the Big Island’s North Shore. From the towering sea cliffs to the green Waipio Valley this tour gives you a unique perspective on Hawaii’s landscapes.

Flights depart from the Waikoloa Blue Hawaiian Helicopter heliport. You’ll see the dramatic coastline of the Kohala coast. This part of the island is known for its rugged cliffs and valleys so it’s a must see for anyone visiting. The sea cliffs of Waipio Valley open up to some of the most beautiful views on the island.

Helicopter tours allow you to see parts of the island that are not accessible by land. On this tour you’ll see hidden waterfalls cascading down the sides of mountains and see the real Hawaii from above. Aerial views of the sea cliffs, green valleys and waterfalls will be unforgettable.

Recommended tours in Waikoloa are Paradise Helicopters’ Eruption Explorer Tour and Mauna Loa Helicopters’ Private Volcano Adventure. Both tours cover the Kohala Coast and allow you to see the volcanic activity up close.

Tours are morning and afternoon. If you want a more personalized experience book a private tour especially if you’re traveling with a group or family. Book early as these tours are very popular with visitors.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a camera and get ready for an aerial adventure of a lifetime. From Waikoloa you’ll see the legendary Kohala coast like few others do. This will be an experience you’ll never forget and will leave you in awe of Hawaii’s beauty.

Hilo: Circle of Fire

Helicopter tours in Hilo are the ultimate way to see Hawaii’s natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in the drama of Mauna Loa’s eruptions or the green rainforests and waterfalls there’s something for everyone. The Circle of Fire tour is a must see, you’ll see Kilauea’s craters and lava flows.

Each tour is unforgettable and full of photo opportunities. So if you’re visiting the Big Island don’t miss out. Book early, wear comfortable clothing and bring your camera to capture the adventure.

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