Best Backpacking Stove for Lightweight Camping in 2018

What’s better than a delicious meal at the end of a long day of backpacking? The open road offers many delights, experiencing the relaxing sounds of nature, beautiful sights, and a chance to see the stars in the sky at night. But one thing you need to take with you to get the most enjoyment out of your backpacking trip is your food and a great lightweight fuel canister stoves or other camp stove. Obviously, you can’t take a large burner that consumes lots of liquid fuel or stainless steel liquid-fuel stoves.

A lightweight camping stove is one accessory that you can’t go wrong with. When you add a fuel canister stove to your backpack you’ve got all the ability to provide your body with proper nourishment and to purify your water and to enjoy some awesome tried and true trail worthy recipes.

There are a few things you’ll find out are very important when picking the perfect camp stove for your backpacking trip, wind control, simmer ability, and quick boiling ability are all top requests of backpackers who need a trustable stove to cook their favorite trail foods. For lightweight stoves, it doesn’t get much better than the Jetboi MiniMo Cooking System.

Why You’ll Love this Stove

Jetboi has completely redesigned this mini stove making it much easier to use and improving basic functions for travelers—even in windy conditions. One of the most noticeable improvements offered in the Jetboi MiniMo is that it allows you to simmer your food. This is super great news for people who enjoy cooking rice and other grains like oatmeal, quinoa, and barley. On direct hot flames these usually burn and cause issues with cleaning, but with the new simmering capabilities you will be able to get more nutrition in during your travels and experience fuller meals on your journey. This is pretty good news for campers who enjoy carbs with their meals and don’t want to build a full fire.

Another good thing about this stove is that is works in areas where the wind could be an issue for some other stoves. Wind control is one of the most important features campers look for in a lightweight stove and this one’s got it down to a science. With the push-button ignition, this stove is great for all types of weather and helps you make a warm meal quickly and easily when on backpacking trips. It also allows for quicker boil times at under three minutes to boiling in even the worst conditions, this is one stove you’ll be glad you packed.

One feature we love about these canister stoves is that they come with its own perfectly fitted cup/bowl for boiling water and cooking. This makes it much easier to pack for your trip and the bowl is high quality and easy to clean. The cup is nice and wide and with assists in quicker boil and cooking times. The capacity of the cup is about slightly less than 1 liter of water, but still provides a good amount of water on just one boil.

Easy-to-Find Fuel Packs

Easy-to-Find Fuel Packs

Finding camping supplies while your backpacking can be difficult so hikers are sometimes wary of buying items they don’t know if they can replace. Fortunately, this stove isn’t going to cause this issue while your hiking. If it is your first time backpacking, there are plenty of places where you can purchase the replacement fuel packs in addition to having them shipped to a local pickup spot.

The Jetboil Jetpower Fuel Replacement Packs are easy to find in sporting goods stores, Walmart’s, and camping stores in addition to being available for shipping it makes it more convenient for travelers who need to grab extra fuel along their route.

Features We Love

  • Four Season High-Performance Fuel – The Jetboil Jetpower Fuel is designed to work in all four seasons—ideal for your backpacking trips. You can rely on this propane fuel even in frigid temperatures and windy conditions. It will work equally as well in hot and humid climates and is easy to pack up and lightweight weight.
  • Redesigned Value and Regulator – The newly designed MiniMo is capable of more regulated, slower cooking which is something that isn’t found in other backpacking stoves. This is a unique design that makes the MiniMo great buy and enables hikers to enjoy more grains and rice on their camping trips in cold weather.
  • Lower Spoon Angle Cup – The cup in the MiniMo has been redesigned to make it easier to eat from, it’s got a wider, shallower design which makes for a more enjoyable eating experience. This also helps to regulate and properly heat food and makes for a much simpler and quicker cleanup.
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    Insulated Cooking Cup – The cooking cup is completely insulated including the lid, so you can keep more heat inside your cup. This is a nice addition and adds to your enjoyment on the trails.
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    Lightweight Design – One reason this stove is the best for lightweight camping is that it’s one of the lighter stoves on the market weighing only 4.8 ounces. For what it delivers it is worth the weight.

This stove has been well tested on the trails and has proven its performance capabilities. It’s one of the highest rated camping stoves and gives a great experience to backpackers and campers who look for a super quick end of the day meal, especially in cold weather. For those who hate waiting around for water to heat up, this is stove is the perfect one. Its ability to boil water faster than any of its competitors is one of the main reasons why people are loving this powerful little stove. This Jetboi will work reliably down to 20F and -6C with just a touch of a button to start. Thanks to Jetboi’s engineering innovations, campers are now able to cook meals that ordinarily wouldn’t have been on the menu. The insolated cup is a great addition as it is designed to be the perfect fit for this backpacking stove. Travelers have found the cup to be handy throughout their trips and love the new shallow design. This stove tops the charts as the best stove for lightweight camping in 2018—even in the coldest of temperatures and windiest locations.


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