Best Camping Grill for Family Barbecues 2018

Family barbeques are some of the most fun family activities you can organize and with the right camping grill, you can have your family barbecues almost anywhere. Whether you are traveling by RV, car, truck or van, or want to experience your barbecue on or off the beaten path, the Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK Travel Grill with Scissor Cart is the absolute best camping grill you can invest in this 2018.

This grill is perfect for travel as it folds up quite easily and can be carted to anywhere you want. The entire grill weighs only 52 pounds, which is just over the allowable weight for your luggage on an airplane. It’s easily foldable, storable, and super portable—but still offers more square inches for a larger cooking area.

This grill’s capabilities simply blow us away. It beats out the competition by a landslide and provides so many different options for grilling that we’re simply astounded. Not only can you grill 20 hamburgers on this grill at one time, but you can smoke, roast whole chickens and turkeys, cook pork and slow cook juicy steaks and prime rib. This is the grill you buy when you want to make your friends jealous and your wife and family proud. It’s even attractive and features quality large-sized side stands for plating your hamburgers, chicken, and other grilled items.

About the Manufacturer

Napoleon Grills has been making stainless steel stoves and portable grills for the past 30 years. They are a high-quality manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada. Napoleon is an industry leader in design and innovative technology for new grills and grates for their discerning international customers. Their line up of luxury grills are well-made and often feature innovative engineering and superior quality. Napoleon Grills is the largest privately owned fine manufacturer of luxury and travel grills, the charcoal grill, the portable gas grill, the electric grill, the propane grill, the wood burner, the gas fireplace, cast iron cooking grates, and the camping stove, as well as outdoor living products in North America.

Top Features We Love in the Napoleon PRO285X-BK Travel Grill with Scissor Cart:

Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK Travel with Scissor Cart
  • Portability – When you are searching for a grill that you can take with you on a camping trip, add to the under storage in your RV or take to private or off the beaten path camping areas, there is simply no other grill that can match what this Napoleon PRO285X-BK provides in terms of potability and functionality. This grill enables you to have a fully functional set up anywhere you decide to enjoy your family barbecue. You won’t miss out on providing your family the absolute best meal, with this highly portable grill. The grill’s super lightweight design makes it perfect for family’s who don’t want to waste time lifting and hauling extremely large grills but want the same cooking experience.
  • 285 in Cooking Space – Even with its ultra-portable design you don’t miss out on space for your food. This grill allows you to cook up to two hamburgers at a time. This is absolutely fantastic for larger families who love big family barbecues. The 285 in cooking space allows for barbecuing chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs, and won’t force you to spend hours to make everyone happy. While some RVs might offer built-in grills that are certainly convenient, they don’t quite fit the bill for larger family barbeques, but with the lightweight design, easy cleaning and storing, and super large area for cooking, this is the best option for storing inside your RV.
  • Easy Light JetFire Ignition System – Napoleon’s JETFIRE Ignition System provides a dependable and super easy lighting method for your grill. It’s one of the best lighting systems in the grilling industry and it makes the entire grilling process even faster and more convenient. You grill is lighted by a gas jet that allows an electric spark to ignite and immediately run flames over the burners. The makes for no-nonsense, easy to start grilling, which makes everyone who starts the grill much happier.
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    High Top Cast Aluminum Lid – Cast aluminum grills are becoming increasingly more difficult to find and are highly sought after due to how long-lasting the cast aluminum is and how great it contains heat. Cast Aluminum is known to add to more even cooking of meat, which is great especially if you are roasting whole chickens and using this grill for smoking purposes.
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    Dual Stainless-Steel Burner System with Separate Ignition and Controls – The dual stainless-steel burner system simply adds to the functionality of this grill. We love it because it gives you more temperature control with the grill and allows you to cook items with separate cooking times. This is another reason why this grill is like taking your home grill out camping with you. This is one of the luxuries that you do not often find in portable grills that you often miss when you’re camping. Fortunately, you won’t miss it with this grill! It’s nice that this grill offers total control which enables you to have a no-fail family barbeque anywhere you want to set up your grilling area.

3 Tips for Properly Lighting Your Grill

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    If you are trying to light your grill after it has been sitting out in the rain, light it with a match to dry out the inside of your grill and help your JETFIRE ignition to work properly.
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    Turn on the gas for about 3–5 seconds before you turn the nob fully to start ignition.
  • 3
    Clean your grill regularly to ensure that it’s not getting grimy and clogged between uses.

 We absolutely love this portable grill for family barbecues. It’s simply the best camping grill on the market in 2018. This grill provides everything you need to enjoy an outstanding meal with your family, whether you want to sear a steak, cook hotdogs, and hamburger or slow roast pork and chicken. The high quality and innovative engineering that Napoleon Grills is known for is apparent in this super lightweight fully functional luxury camping grill. This grill is by far the best camping grill for family barbecues and with it’s enormous 285 in cooking space, no one at your next family barbecue will go hungry.


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