Best Cooler for Camping 2018

Ahh, the family camping trip! A time filled with Smores, campfires, fishing trips, hiking, and swimming. There’s nothing quite like getting away for the weekend with your family or friends, and what’s a great year without a hunting or fishing trip with the guys? Every year vacation days are saved up for amazing trips that yield treasured family photographs and great memories. Some of the best memories involve a cooler full of drinks or filled with a freshly caught fish. One thing that makes camping trips so much fun is toting along a cooler full of your favorite food and drinks and relaxing in a comfortable chair or on the water. In 2018, designs on almost everything have been improved and this includes the champion of camping trips: the good old cooler to keep your drinks and food cold. Now you might be thinking there’s nothing that beats your treasured ice chest, but just wait until you find out how perfect the Vibe Element cooler really is and you’ll see why it beats out all the competition.

We’re excited to have found the best cooler for camping in 2018 and its modern sportsman’s design has all the accouterments you’ll need for your camping, fishing, or hunting trips and give you iced cold beverages for days. The Vibe Element is the absolute coolest model on the market with an incredible 5-day minimum for ice retention. The Vibe Element’s packed with awesome features that make it the ultimate must-have for your 2018 camping trips.

Cool Camo Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vibe Element is that it has a great camo design that is super stylish and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are using one of these soft-sided coolers for a family trip or a hunting trip, the camo design is modern and stylish.

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Wheels, a Ruler, and Drink Openers

This wheeled cooler comes packed with all the bells and whistles a cooler could have. It’s even got two built-in bottle openers, which makes it even easier to enjoy a day or night spent in a hunting stand, on the boat, or by the fire. The bottle openers are on the front of the cooler, where you’ll be opening it, so don’t worry about leaving space on either side to use them. The 7-inch, all-terrain wheels are perfect for lugging it to its final destination. Vibe didn’t waste any space on this cooler, and they even designed a ruler in on the lid which measures in inches and centimeters, making it easy to keep track of the size of any fish you’re catching.

Made by Vibe, the kayak company

This wheeled cooler is made by Vibe, a super cool outdoor company that mainly produces top-of-the-line kayaks. Founded in 2013 by Joshua Thomas and John Ewald, this Georgia company produces high-quality products for outdoorsmen and women. Their products are well reviewed and the coolers come with a limited lifetime warranty which covers any defects in the products as well as parts for the first year.

More Features of the Vibe Element Cooler

More Features of the Vibe Element Cooler

Keeping your drinks and food cold for as much as five days is no easy feat, but this soft cooler has a great design which allows for maximum ice retention and drain plug ensures the water can escape. Plus, it holds 70 quarts, which means it’s perfect for a day’s fishing when you want to bring enough ice to last a full day and all the food and drinks you need. You’re able to lock this cooler up too, which adds some protection from unwanted intruders, whether they be animals or humans. It’s also got rubber feet which keep it raised off hot ground which is ideal for tailgating and trips in warmer locations. The rubber feet are non-skid, so this adds some stability to the cooler if you’re using it in your boat. It also has an integrated pressure release button and a rapid flow drain spout which allows you to quickly remove any excess water.

Tips to Get Most Out of Your Cooler

When you are packing for your camping trip there are a few extra steps that you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your soft-sided cooler.

  • Freeze your cooler overnight before you pack for your trip. This helps keep the items inside your cooler frozen longer. You can freeze it in your extra basement freezer or load it with ice the night before.
  • Get organized before you pack. Organizing what you are putting in your freezer before you add your ice will ensure that everything fits and is cold your entire trip.
  • Keep your freezer closed when you aren’t using it and add extra ice when needed. It’s important to regularly use the drain spout and add more ice as needed to keep everything sanitary and safe for you to eat and drink.
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    When storing fish in your soft cooler make sure to pack them with crushed ice as this crushed ice will be colder than a single block of ice.
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    Use your ruler to check the size and length of your fish. Some rivers and lakes have regulations regarding what size of fish you can keep and what size you can’t—the ruler on the outside of your Vibe Element cooler will quickly help you make sure your keeping with regulations in your fishing area.

The Vibe Element is overall the best cooler for camping in 2018 because it has some of the best, well thought out features and will keep your drinks, food, and fish colder longer than most other coolers available on the market. The camo design is not only stylish but functional for hunters, and the ruler on the lid can be extremely useful for fishermen. It’s made of high-quality materials and comes with a great lifetime limited warranty that helps ensure you will be thoroughly pleased with your purchase. This is one cooler that is a must-have for families in 2018 as it’s loaded with cool features that ensure you have less to worry about during your camping trip. This highly-rated cooler is one of the finest we’ve seen to-date and are thrilled with the functional and stylish design.


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