Best Travel Wallets of 2018

Are you looking for the best wallet as a traveler?

There are many different types of wallets being sold online now and choosing which one to buy is a bit daunting.

If you’re buying one to travel with, that makes the process of selecting even more challenging. Luckily, there are now wallets that are made specifically for traveling. These travel wallets come with features that make traveling a breeze, such as a passport holder and several slots capable of holding several credit cards.

Remember that when buying anything that’s intended for traveling, durability should be given a priority.

You should opt for a wallet that’s made from a lightweight but durable material, and something that’s well capable of keeping your money, credit card, and other important documents safe. Losing a valuable item when in a foreign country is definitely not a pleasant experience.

The style is another factor to think of. The wallet shouldn’t make you look like a tourist or you’ll be vulnerable to theft.

I know you’re excited to see our list…

so I added additional information at the end on what to consider when choosing the perfect wallet for your next adventure.

Here are our top 10 picks of the best travel wallets for 2018:

1. Travelambo RFID Travel Wallet

This is a gorgeous travel accessory that can work well as a perfect travel wallet for women. It’s available in fifteen different colors, from yellow, brown, blue, black, pink, green, red, and black. It’s very practical and has enough space to accommodate your ID, passport, ticket, credit cards, and of course, cash. This wallet comes equipped with the RFID blocking feature so you won’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal your personal information.

This wallet has plenty of pockets including a flap pocket, zip pocket, and an ample size pocket. Customers who have used this wallet love the fact that it comes with plenty of pockets, that makes organizing things a breeze. The only thing lacking in this wallet is a space to store mobile phones and other similar objects. Thus, you have to carefully choose the items that you will store in this wallet.


  • Comes with the RFID blocking feature
  • Excellent quality material
  • Several pocket slots to store essentials
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from


  • Doesn’t have a space to store your mobile phone

2. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet

 If you’re in need of a perfect neck wallet that you can bring in your travels, the Venture 4th would be a great choice. First, having a dimension of 5.5 by 8 inches, it’s pretty compact, not too large and not too small as well. It’s capable of storing your travel documents, phone, keys, etc. Comfort is often one of the things to consider when buying a neck wallet. When it comes to this, the Venture 4th will not disappoint.

The strap of this neck wallet is durable and thick so it won’t easily break. Yet, it’s not too thick that it can be a burden to carry. Another great thing about the wallet is its transparent ID section. It’s very handy for when you’re going out at a theme park or in any place where you are required to present your ID. This wallet is ideal for travelers who need a high-quality travel wallet that could accommodate a lot of documents, including movie tickets!


  • Available in five different colors
  • Made from breathable material
  • Quite large and can fit more than just your phone
  • RFID blocking feature plus bonus sleeves
  • Water resistant


  • The transparent pouch makes it easy for pickpockets to access your stuff

3. Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer

This is one of those travel wallets that are made from nylon fabric and are a great choice for seasoned travelers. It’s made with high-quality materials and comes with several pockets, including a passport holder and several slots to keep ID cards, credit cards, etc. The wallet also comes with a pouch to hold a phone and a separate compartment for money.

The best thing about this wallet is that it’s water-resistant so it’s ideal for when you’re heading to the beach. Unfortunately, the wallet cannot seem to fit into your pants pockets so it’s pretty inconvenient to carry it.


  • Available in 12 different colors
  • Made from high-quality nylon fabric
  • Plenty of compartments
  • RFID blocking feature
  • Water-resistant


  • It’s big enough to not fit in your pants pocket

4. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

If you don’t want to spend a good amount of money for a wallet, then this is a great choice since it is a bit cheaper compared to the other travel wallets in the market. Featuring two loops that you can easily hook into your belt, it’s the perfect wallet for men who love going places. This wallet has a zippered pocket with three inner compartments that you can use to hold your cash, receipts, and some documents. For your safety, the pouch is made with RFID blocking material so your information will be kept protected. Comes in a tan or black color. 


  • Compact design
  • Easily attaches to belt
  • Made from RFID-blocking material
  • Zippered pockets with 3 inner compartments


  • The RFID feature is not that reliable

5. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Slim Wallet

This is one of the best travel wallets ever sold in the market. It fits well in the front pocket of your pants, thus, your ID, credit cards, and money will be safe. These wallets are safe to carry around when you’re traveling and you can simply place it in your back pocket or in a purse that doesn’t have any zipper.

Some of the customers who have bought this wallet say that you’re not able to carry a lot of cards with it, but the wallet is intentionally designed to accommodate only a few cards. Since it’s made from a genuine leather material, it could expand a bit over time, allowing you to fit more items inside.



  • Available in seven different colors
  • Comes with the RFID-blocking feature
  • Slim design


  • Can only carry a few cards

6. Tarriss RFID Passport Holder & Neck Wallet

This is a large wallet that can work well for both men and women. With its traditional classic design, this wallet may not be the most stylish in the market, but it’s pretty functional and can carry pretty much everything you need for your travel journey. Aside from the passport, this wallet can hold a few credit cards, boarding pass, cash etc. The wallet has side pockets that can also hold your phone.

Customers who have tried the wallet hardly had any issues with it, especially since it’s made from a breathable material that’s of top-notch quality and could last for a very long time. This is a great wallet for frequent travelers, although some users have problems with it being not too rigid. Nevertheless, a lot of people seem to enjoy the simplicity of this travel wallet’s design.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly durable
  • Made from electromagnetically opaque shielding material


  • Not very stylish

7. Carry-all Passport Document Travel Wallet

If you need a multi-functional wallet to use while you’re traveling, this would be a great choice. It’s capable of storing all your travel essentials, such as your passport and a few travel documents. It can also safely store your credit cards and cash.

Moreover, if you are not using this wallet on your travels, you can use it to store electronics and other items. Featuring nine pockets, this wallet is available in seven different color options and comes with a bonus storage bag. A lot of users have noted that this wallet makes traveling out of the country a breeze and they love the fact that it’s of excellent quality. They only wish that the pockets were not too deep and some should have come with a zippered shut.


  • Available in seven different colors
  • Equipped with nine pockets
  • Multi-functional wallet
  • Zipper closure


  • The pockets are too deep

8. SimpacX Fabric Passport Holder Travel Wallet

If you need a wallet that’s simple, slim and functional, then this is exactly what you need. It’s great for traveling and it could secure all your travel essentials. It may not come with a passport holder and a pouch for a phone, but it can definitely store your credit cards, passport, and some cash easily. Its slim design makes it look like a passport cover instead of a wallet. Nevertheless, this wallet is very useful even if you’re not traveling. It’s especially useful in situations where you need to do some shopping, yet you don’t want to carry your bag around.


  • Available in six different colors
  • Equipped with RFID protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Slim and durable


  • Interiors are not very sturdy
  • Produces a long chemical smell

9. Agilisk Travel Wallet

If you’re traveling with kids, and you need a travel wallet capable of holding everyone’s passport, boarding passes, and other travel documents, this wallet would be a great investment. It’s capable of holding up to four passports. It has a detachable strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or neck if you find that comfortable to do. Users love this wallet because it’s very spacious and has a quality design.


  • Has an RFID blocking liner
  • Ideal for groups and families
  • Spacious design
  • User-friendly


  • It’s difficult to fit the fourth passport in

10. Zero Grid Passport Wallet 

If you need a small, compact, and durable wallet that’s easy to fit in your carry-on, then this is what you need. It’s both a travel wallet and a passport holder. Featuring flexible storage pockets, this RFID blocking passport wallet is capable of securing all your travel essentials. It can fit up to 10 credit cards and a micro pen is included as well. It’s waterproof and very lightweight. 



  • Easy access design
  • Security against electronic pickpocketing 
  • Lightweight
  • Made of waterproof ripstop nylon
  • Free micro travel pen 


  • The zipper has the tendency to stick
  • Too small


What You Should Consider When Choosing a Travel Wallet

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a wallet that doubles as a passport holder or perhaps, a simple neck wallet. Price is also an important factor to keep in mind.

  • Material and durability – The durability of a wallet usually depends on the material that it’s made from. A leather wallet is mostly preferred due to its looks while nylon is a great option if you want something that’s waterproof. Since your wallet’s main purpose is to keep your money and other important documents, it’s therefore important that you opt for something durable and water resistant. When it comes to the pocket or belt wallet, the surface material may not be that important, however, for clutch and neck wallets, it is. It’s a good idea to choose a neck or clutch wallet that has a soft lining so it won’t trigger rashes, especially if you’ve a sensitive skin.
  • Size – Size is pretty subjective, but it may be best to go for something that has a good trade-off between utility and size. Having more pockets may be a great choice. However, if the wallet is too bulky that you can’t comfortably store it in your purse or backpack, then it defeats the purpose. The Zoppen wallet is a great choice if you want something that’s a bit large and with a sleek design.
  • Security – RFID blocking is one of the security features found in many travel wallets, even though this feature has been debated over the years. Nevertheless, if you want a wallet that’s ultra-safe, there are lots of options to choose from. If you prefer a wallet that comes with a strap for the belt, neck or wrist, then it must be pretty tough and should be made from a durable anti-theft material. That way, the risk of someone cutting it and then running away, will be greatly minimized.
  • Looks – If you travel too often, then you probably want to have a stylish wallet that meets your personality. Travel wallets made of leather are often a great choice when it comes to style.



There are so many different types of travel wallets on the market today and each of them has its own distinct positive traits, making them effective for particular scenarios. If you’re in need of a wallet that you can use not only for traveling but for everyday use as well, then you better choose something that’s made from durable materials and has plenty of pockets to accommodate your daily essentials. The Travelambo would be a great choice when it comes to this.

On the other hand, if you want a wallet that you can simply wear around your neck, the Venture 4th travel neck pouch is a great choice. Neck wallets are also said to be safer since it’s not easy to misplace them when traveling. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the best travel wallet.


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