Island Air Express

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Express Rates

0-50 lbs. Rate


Inclusive of tax

51+ lbs. Rate

+ $.53 /lb.

In addition to $40 base rate. Taxes assessed to excess weight.

Other Island Air Express Shipping Options

Express Envelope

A counter-to-counter service available to anyone. (Not just "Known Shippers") The package must weigh less than one pound (only up to 15.9 ounces). Shipment is guaranteed on your preferred flight. Express Envelope has a flat rate of $20.00. 

Known Shippers

To use the Island Air Flat Rates and Express Package, a company must be a "known shipper." For companies registering as a "Known Shipper," each company shipping location must be individually qualified. The TSA conducts unscheduled, periodic checks of the Known Shippers List, and companies/individuals who do not ship regularly are dropped from the list. Companies/individuals who are dropped from the list will need to be re-qualified.

Shipping Guidelines

  • Shipping services available between Honolulu and Lanai only.
  • Maximum weight per piece is 70 pounds.
  • Maximum dimensions are 8 feet by 4 feet.
  • Freight shipments should be presented at the check-in counter at least 60 minutes prior to the preferred flight's departure time.
  • Payment by cash, company check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) is required at the check-in counter.
  • Island Air is not liable for any perishable items; refrigeration is unavailable.
  • At the time of freight acceptance, each individual who tenders freight must present a valid form of current ID. Valid forms of ID are: 1) A photo ID issued by a government authority or a SIDA ID media issued by an airport operator within the United States; 2) Two forms of ID, one of which must be issued by a government authority.
  • All freight shipments are transported on a stand-by basis (passenger baggage is Island Air's priority). If the freight parcel is not accommodated on the preferred flight, it will be sent on the next available flight. Small freight is usually accommodated readily. However, larger shipments may require more time.

Please carefully review the following list of items prohibited on Island Air Freight Express:


Fireworks, signal flares or other explosives


Flammable liquids or solids


Drain cleaners and solvents


Pressure containers, spray cans, butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, CO2 cartridges, self-inflating rafts


Any other hazardous materials or dangerous goods

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