Island Miles

Island Miles members enjoy the following benefits:

Mileage Rewards

Receive 500 Island Miles for every flight you take in Hawaii.

Fast Rewards

Earn a free one-way ticket at just 3,000 miles earned.

Flexible Rewards

Members may combine miles and dollars to purchase roundtrips on Island Air.*

Shareable Rewards

Members may book flights for others using Island Miles mileage.

Priority Boarding

Members board in advance of general guests.


An important note for Island Miles members: If you were previously an Island Air Cloud 9 Member, your miles have been automatically transferred to your Island Miles account. All log-ins and passwords remain the same.

If you have additional questions, please see Frequently Asked Questions or call 1-800-652-6541.

*Members may use only miles or only dollars per one-way segment to be combined into a round-trip. The combination of miles and dollars cannot be used to purchase a one-way segment.