Our Top Weekender Duffle Bag Choices for 2018

Though the idea of going on a long-term, multi-week vacation probably sounds appealing to many people, most people only manage to vacation for a short time once or twice a year. They might supplement a week-long vacation with short weekend getaways or they might only get those weekend escapes.

Despite the short duration of a trip, a weekend getaway can be a great deal of fun. It’s easy to have an adventure over the course of a few days and, if you have it in your budget, you can get pretty far by plane for the weekend.

The key to a great weekend trip is to have a great weekender bag. Luggage made just for a short getaway should be highquality and durable, but it doesn’t need to be huge. Most weekender bags make for great carryon bags and can fit under the sat in front of you if you’re flying. Some weekender bags even have rolling features making them even easy to take on a trip with you. Leather duffels, rolling duffels, travel duffel bags, wheeled duffels… there are many to choose from but it is the weekender duffel that this article will concentrate on.

What Should You Know before Investing in a Weekender Bag?

First, it’s important to understand what weekender duffles or travel duffelsare and are not.

Weekender bags offer enough space to hold a change of clothes or two and toiletries. It holds just the essentials but it doesn’t so without having to jam a bag full.

It’s larger than a backpack, but still features straps to make it easy to carry. Many duffles offer a strap long enough to allow you to wear it cross-body style. Not quite the level of support of a backpack, but still enough for what you’re carrying. This lets you keep your hands free as you travel around the airport or to and from your destination.

Most weekender bags are made from canvas, nylon, or leather. Some use a blend or more than one of these fabrics. It’s important for your bag to be made from a durable, stain-resistant fabric, but not as important as that would be for a piece of carryon luggage. Chances are you’ll toss your bag around a bit, but the airline won’t be handling it so it won’t be thrown and banged around quite as much as a check piece of luggage.

Weekender bags rarely feature wheels, though occasionally they have them. Traditional weekenders aren’t designed to hold enough clothing to be heavy enough to be a roller bag so wheels and a pulley are usually added features for ultra-convenience.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Weekender Duffle Bag

There are several factors you should consider when trying to find a weekender to suit your needs.

First and foremost is the size and shape of the bag. Duffle weekenders tend to have a standard shape and it’s similar to the barrel design of a duffle. They come in various sizes, but the options aren’t as varied as regular luggage. The main thing you need to consider when it comes to size and shape is the interior of the bag. Some bags are deceptively small. They might look too little to accommodate your packing needs, but they actually have a great deal more space inside than a bag that is outwardly larger.


Weekender duffle bags need to be made from durable fabric. Many people like canvas because it’s easy to care for but other want the style and sophistication of leather. The material choice really comes down to personal preference, as long as you are going with something that’s durable and practical.


Finally, and this last one goes along with overall style, is color Weekenders come in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Many people love a classic, solid neutral, such as brown, black, or navy. Other people want something more fun, such as a pattern or a bright color. Keep in mind, if you’re choosing a bright or patterned bag so it’s easy to identify on a crowded baggage carousel there’s no need—weekenders are always small enough to be carryons and they’ll never leave your possession.

Our Top Picks for Weekender Duffle Bags

Now that you know how to narrow down your selection of weekender bags you can start your search. We’ve selected a number of bags we consider the best in weekenders duffles.

Ban.do Getaway Duffle Bag

ban.do Women's Getaway Duffle Bag

This bag is perfect for someone who wants something colorful and fun. These bags are durable and affordable, but they are not boring. They fit in overhead bins or beneath the seat in front of you, but also offer plenty of space for what you need for a short trip.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

This bag is also a lot of fun. It’s very durable, too, and can last foryears. It’s roomy, but still enough to be a carryon. You’ll have space to put clothing, essentials, and a compartment where you can store dirty clothing during your trip.

Birdie Jemma Gym Bag

JEMMA Women's BIRDIE Gym Bag

It might be named a gym bag, but it’s plenty big enough for a weekend away. It’s extremely lightweight, which is important when you plan to carry your bag throughout your travels. It’s not as if you’ll be handing over the bag to luggage handling—the weight is all on you and a lighter bag is a blessing when you’re tracking from gate to gate in an airport.

This bag is also great for organization. It features plenty of main compartment space, as well as several interior pockets and a separate shoe compartment. You’ll also have room for makeup bags and used laundry.

It’s user-friendly and can stand up to some heavy-duty handling. You won’t need to worry if you spill on it or need to carry it in the rain. It’s the priciest model on our list, but we love it.

Classic Nautical Stripe 17" Framed Duffel Bag Carry On Shoulder Tote Handbag

Classic Nautical Stripe 17" Framed Duffel Bag Carry On Shoulder Tote Handbag

There’s no way around it—this bag is just seriously cute. It features a nautical pattern and durable leather straps. It’s made from easy-to-clean polyurethane and is our pick for the most stylish bag on the list.


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