Best Travel Steamer for Clothes 2018

When traveling for work or pleasure make sure that you carry a garment steamer. Steamers are necessary because they allow you to remove wrinkles from difficult to iron clothing like suits, sweaters, and dresses. Steamers are ultra-convenient providing a quick fix to travel wrinkles, allowing you to quickly get on your way to a business meeting or dinner with your family.

Professionals in the military, fashion, and sales industry rely on a great fabric steamer to ensure that they and their clothes always look the very best. For business travelers, a steamer is an essential travel item as irons in hotels can be shoddy and even the best irons sometimes cannot remove wrinkles from business attire.

The best travel steamer for clothes in 2018 comes in the form of a combination fabric steamer and iron—the PurSteam Travel Steam Iron Dual Voltage 420W Power Lightweight—is one of the most highly reviewed and lightweight travel steamer currently on the market. It only weighs slightly over a pound and it’s petite, taking up very little space in a suitcase or go bag.

If your profession requires that you steam or iron items quickly on site, this is an incredible option. You can easily pack this in a backpack or go bag and get set up in small and limited spaces. For photoshoots and impromptu sales exhibits, this is the perfect go-to steamer and iron in one.

One thing to note about this travel steamer is that, unlike traditional steamers that steam upright hanging clothing, you will need to lay your items horizontally to use the streaming functions. This can be good for those who are looking to steam hotel bed sheets—and for those that are regularly frustrated by traditional steamers that spill water onto clothing when tilted horizontally.

Great for International Travelers

Another reason why this the PurSteam Travel Steam Iron is the best travel steamer is that will easily adapt to international electrical sockets. This travel steam iron only needs an adapter and it will work anywhere in the world. This is one feature that makes the PurSteam Travel Steam Iron stand out from the competition. You won’t have to worry about where you’ll be traveling and if it will work. It uses very low voltage, which makes it a top pick for those who are traveling by RV internationally as well.

Perfect for Fashion Industry Professionals

Fashion industry professionals appreciate the functionality of this steamer. It’s ironing function allows for quick creation of crisp lines for sewing and basting. Its no-slip hand grips make it perfect for those working at a fast pace and its small size helps to keep your workspace cleaner and more organized. It produces 30% more steam than other steamers on the market and allows you to get a professional look with clean lines and less damage to fabrics.

Excellent Addition to Carry-On

Since this travel garment steamer and iron weighs only one pound and six ounces, it’s an excellent addition to carry-on luggage, making it perfect for busy business travelers who need a quick touch up to their attire after getting off a flight. Navigating through airports, riding in taxis, and sitting through plane rides can leave your business attire looking less than suitable so packing this little miracle worker is something you’ll never want to forget. This little iron will quickly give your business attire a refresh so you will look boss when you arrive at your meetings. Plus, it’s 6 ½ foot cord ensures that you will be able to find an outlet in your hotel room.

Terrific for Full Time Travelers

Terrific for Full Time Travelers

If you travel full-time in an RV, work as a traveling sales professional or are traveling the world pleasure, this little steamer and iron is terrific because it barely takes up any space and it can be used without the steam function as needed. It can be used as a traditional iron and the buttons are very easy to read. It can be stored out of sight when you aren’t using it and, since it’s so small, it doesn’t take up essential space in your car or RV. Since it has steaming functions you won’t have the need for an ironing board, but you will be able to quickly refresh your clothing in any location. It can help you extend the life of your clothing, as you won’t have to wash your clothing quite as frequently to keep outfits looking fresh.

Since laundry can become quiet expense when you are traveling full time, this can help you save money in the long run. Hotels can charge travelers upwards of $30 for pressing one suit jacket, around $25 dollars for a silk blouse, and for pressing your wrinkled tie, expect to spend at least $15. Sending your clothing to the dry cleaners simply takes too long and can be unreliable, but this little wizard saves you time and money on regular laundry costs.

Since the PurSteam Travel Steam Iron is superior in functionality, design, and size it is the best travel steamer for clothing in 2018. Its incredible power packed in its 1 lb 6-ounce design makes it the top choice for travelers who need a functional steamer to remove wrinkles and keep their clothing looking the very best. As one of the most highly reviewed travel steamers, it’s perfect for carrying to work engagements, on international trips, and small enough to be a top choice for RVers and full-time travelers. This amazing little steamer can be easily added to carryon bags and has a cord long enough to be used by professionals and in any hotel. If you are searching for a steamer that does not have to be used vertically and won’t spill water on your clothing, this could be the perfect steamer for you.

The PurSteam Travel Steam Iron is not only small but also is super powerful, providing much more steam than other full steamers available and comes with a carrying case and a water jug.


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