Hawaii Helicopter Tours

The decision to do a Hawaiian helicopter tour is a big one! You are going to get to see one of the most beautiful places on the planet from a bird’s eye view. 

This is a big investment and a big memory that you will be making, so it’s important you get it right so you will feel happy and want to do it again sometime! Here’s what to look forward to as you plan your trip.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to be excited beyond your wildest dreams. You will see Hawaii as it was meant to be-seeing all the crates, beaches and cliffs, among other beautiful scenery. You can expect a safe experience so long as you follow your pilot’s rules and practice good common sense when flying. 

You will want to choose a company that features certification as FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. This means your company must exceed standards of safety compared to general aviation operations.  

Also, utilize the National Transportation Safety Board to seek any accidents that may have occurred. Bear in mind that many of these may be from when the pilot was in training whilst no passengers were being carried. Don’t let this make you nervous-think of it as an exercise in peace of mind.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fact of the matter is that it varies by company. You should look online for some coupon codes.  According to govisithawaii.com, pricing can be about $189 for a 45 minute tour.

Other companies such as Blue Hawaiian offer varying tour packages that show you various parts of the island, such as the Kilauea volcano. (That particular tour starts at $569).

Pricing also varies per island. For instance, when shopping at Blue Hawaiian Tours, the base price of a tour on The Big Island is $99, while on Maui it starts at $289. For Kauai, it is $229, and for Oahu it is also $229.  

Our best advice is to go to your tour company of choice and view their website for pricing-or call them directly for the most up to date costs.

And although not monetary, we find that it is best to book your helicopter tour during the first or second day of your getaway. This way, you will get a big overview of the place you will be exploring over the next few days which is a huge value add!

What Are Some Safety Tips?

Make sure you put safety as the first priority on your trip. Make sure that you follow all safety instructions to a tee and ask your operators anything you wish. These companies care about safety and you are paying good money to go. Feel free to ask anything you like about being safe.

Take medication before you go if you feel you will get motion sickness. Wear special bracelets also if that will help. Keep meals light before the flight or eat after you land.

Wear darker colored clothing so the glare is minimized on windows. Do not do flash photography, as this may distract the personnel operating the craft. Avoid the wearing of earrings as you will need to wear headphones while in the air.

Obey all seating arrangements. Weight plays a role here. Do not let a scale number distract you; the way you are seated is a matter of safety. Do not argue about where you will sit-seating is chosen solely so the craft will be balanced.

What Island Is Best?

No matter where you end up, you are going to have a wonderful time. In our opinion, Kauai or the Big Island is the way to go. 

At Kauai you get the pleasure of seeing the Na Pali Coast as well as the Waialeale Crater. Meanwhile the Big Island has the volcanic activity you can look forward to.

You will see things in a completely new light. You will see rainbows, lush greenery, the most beautiful blue water you have ever laid eyes on, and beautiful elevations you can imagine. 

The photographs of Hawaii you see are just as beautiful as you can imagine, and a helicopter tour is worth every penny regardless of the island you choose.


Provided you follow all rules and regulations set forth by your operators, and you are prepared to have fun, you are going to have a wonderful time. 

Take some photos but be sure to live in the moment and enjoy this land of natural beauty the way it was meant to be seen. 

Have fun!

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